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The ever popular Doc Wong (free) Riding Clinics have been going non-stop for the last 22 years and this Meetup Group is an extension of that. I now have had over 22,000 riders attending my various events during that time!!! This is a community meeting place for all those who have attended or want to attend any of my Doc Wong (FREE) Motorcycle Riding Clinics.

The purpose is to help you improve your Cornering Confidence and to create a Doc Wong Riding Clinic Community where we can share ideas, improve your riding and go on some awesome rides. Also, please note that while there may be only 10 or so signups for an event, don't be surprised to see 50 riders present at the event as many riders find out about my clinics thru other sources.

1. Find out and sign up for any of the different clinics and activities we have.

2. Volunteers can meet and coordinate.

3. Ask questions about riding tips and questions.

4. Create meetups for day and multi-day rides and tours.

Type of bikes: Sport Bikes, Cruisers, Dual Sport bikes, Dirt Bikes...any bikes are welcome. Experience levels from beginner to advanced. I personally own all of these different types of bikes and love riding them all! Riders feel free to create your own rides in addition to the ones I organize. If you want to improve your riding, come to some awesome riding activities and meet other riders in a fun environment, then please join! The goal is to have more confidence while cornering, making motorcycling more fun and safe!

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Special Doc Wong Adventure/Dirt Event at Motoventures

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Hi, Here’s an opportunity for you to really improve your dirt or dual sport riding skills. Our good friend Phil Howell came back last year from the Motoventures training and I could not believe how his dirt skills have improved!!! Your skill level can be a new dirt rider to an experienced dirt rider as each rider will be coached at his or her own level! One thing for sure is that I’m very confident that you will improve your skills immensely. Motoventures is a premier off-road training facility in Anza, CA run by Gary LaPlante. World class trials rider, factory test rider and engineer. The man literally wrote the book on off-road riding. It’s on a 350 acre private ranch just for training!!! What: Special Doc Wong Adventure/Dirt Event at Motoventures When: Fri, Sat, Sunday Oct 25th, 26th, 27th Where: Southern California: www.motoventures.com The 350 acre ranch is located in Anza, California. It’s 30 minutes outside of Temecula wine country. Cost: Now all of this sounds amazing! Here is the pricing breakdown. For 0-10 riders the course is $255 per rider per day ($355 with bike rental) For 10-25 riders its $235 per rider per day ($235 with bike rental) For 25+ riders it’s $215 per rider per day ($315 with bike rental) So the more of us that attend the cheaper! How to sign up: 1. RSVP to this email so we can get an idea of where we are at. 2. Contact Gary LaPlante himself (yes he answers when you call!)[masked] and reserve your spot in the group. Make sure to mention the weekend and Doc Wong. He will be handling all payment info and the like. Details: Do you want to take your skills with that shiny new adventure bike or dual sport to the next level? This is the place to do it. You'll learn sitting and standing turns, emergency braking, centering and counter balancing, self recovery from a failed hill climb, loose side hills, tight turns on hillsides, steep hill climbs with no traction, beam riding (to practice tire placement and balance). All of this on day one! On day two we'll be throwing in some more advanced fun like wheelies, jumps, and slides, basic real life trail techniques that will make you a much safer and proficient rider. During all of this throughout the 2 days we will be using the amazing 350 acre facility to put your newfound talent to use! We will be arriving at Motoventures the afternoon of Friday Oct 25th for those of you that wish to camp. If you would prefer to stay somewhere Temecula, CA is the closest at approx 30 min away. Class will be from 9am-2pm (officially) Sat 26th and Sun 27th. Motoventures has loaner off-road gear to use if you need to borrow some, but full off-road gear is strongly recommended! (boots, pants, kneepads, chest/back/shoulder, elbow, and of course helmet) If this is your first time in the dirt, or you would like to bring a newer rider Motoventures has a fleet of well maintained dirt bikes to rent. It is always suggested to rent a bike for the first day if you have no dirt experience as a small light bike makes perfecting these techniques a lot easier. We'll be sitting around the campfire sharing stories and just having a great time! You will need to bring your camping supplies and food for the duration, other amenities are 30 min away. There are restrooms, power, and water available onsite. Bring your adventure bike, dirt bike, or dual sport you will be learning skills that will make you a better rider in all disciplines! I hope to see you at this amazing training event! Doc Wong Full Motion Chiropractic 1021 Alameda De Las Pulgas Belmont, CA 94002 Office: (650)[masked] [masked] www.docwong.com

Special Doc Wong Workshop: Crash Scene-Life and Death Workshop

Full Motion Chiropractic

Special Doc Wong Workshop: Crash Scene-Life and Death Workshop, Tuesday Night, October 29,[masked]:30PM Hi, I lost a dear friend several years ago in a motorcycle accident and the information in this workshop may have saved his life. Life can get pretty wild sometimes and just calling and waiting for emergency services to arrive may not be enough to save a life. Come find out what you need to know, pro-actively, to help at the scene of a motorcycle crash and assist Emergency Medical Services. What: Special Doc Wong Workshop: Crash Scene Life and Death Workshop When: Tuesday night, October 29,[masked]:30PM-8:00PM Where: Doc Wong’s Chiropractic Office 1021 Alameda De Las Pulgas Belmont, CA 94002 Cost: Free To sign up for this workshop, email me at [masked]. Special guest speaker, Paul Willett, a 20 year experienced Fire Fighter, Search and Rescue, Paramedic and motorcyclist has been at the scene of many accidents and has some vital information to share with you. He’ll share with you how to manage or help at the scene of an accident that may make the difference between life and death! Much of this is not mentioned in standard First Aid/CPR classes. This is VITAL because when help does arrive, they can be vastly assisted by your interactions!! Paul will cover the vital topics of: --Who’s coming when you call 911? What agencies and what are their roles. What you need to know. Who responds in what area? —How to manage or help at the scene of an accident. What do you do before help arrives, how do you make the roadway safe and prevent secondary accidents? When should you call 911? What do you say? Who should call the shots before they come? —First Aid considerations: Should you move the rider? Remove his helmet? CPR, trauma, tourniquets and more. —Communications: What to say to 911, police officers and Medics. How to describe the crash and why this is important to medical staff. —Gear: what protection works best? Medical history ID. What should be in a motorcyclist’s First Aid pack. —Importance of speed of transport and what to do if something is wrong. To sign up for this workshop, email me at [masked]. Ride street, ride track, ride dirt, trials.....ride.....well! Doc Wong Chiropractic for Children and Adults 1021 Alameda de las Pulgas (In Carlmont Shopping Center next to Baskin Robbins) Belmont, CA 94002 (650)[masked] (Free initial consultations available to riders for health problems, just e-mail me at [masked]) Check out the stuff on the Doc Wong (Free) Riding Clinics on my web site! http://www.docwong.com ----------------------------------------- To get the latest announcements on my Riding Clinics subscribe to the Doc-Ride Mail-list! Go to: www.meetup.com/docwong to join the Doc Wong Riding Clinic community ------------------------------------------ Special Thanks to Keith Code, his books and school of which much of the Doc Wong Riding Clinics are based.

Doc Wong Street Riding Clinic: "Cornering Confidence - Judging Entrance Speed"

Doc Wong Street Riding Clinic - November 10, 2019 Sun! You're invited to: Doc Wong Riding Clinic: "Cornering Confidence - Judging Entrance Speed" Sunday, November 10, 2019, 9am-2:30pm When: Sunday, November 10, 2019! 9am-2:30pm Where: Full Motion Chiropractic http://tinyurl.com/6vp36k3 Carlmont Shopping Center (Next to Baskin Robbins) 1021 Alameda De Las Pulgas Belmont, CA 94002 How to register: just e-mail me at: [masked] Cost: $0.00 I'm very excited about this month's topic! It's a key topic designed to not only improve your riding skills resulting in a better, smoother and faster rider, but to also make you a safer rider! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Go to: www.docwong.com (http://www.docwong.com/) for --more info of my other motorcycling clinics http://www.docwong.com/st-clinc/index.htm --Back Exercises that I recommend everyone do http://www.docwong.com/health/stretch/index.htm --"Doc Wong Crashes" http://www.docwong.com/st-clinc/crash-1.htm ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ride street, ride track, ride dirt, trials.....ride.....well! Doc Wong Full Motion Chiropractic Carlmont Shopping Center 1021 Alameda De Las Pulgas Belmont, CA 94002 www.docwong.com (http://www.docwong.com/) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To get the latest announcements on my Riding Clinics subscribe to the Doc-Ride Mail-list! Email me at [masked] to subscribe to the email list. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The following description was provided by Michael Nelson [masked] Dr. Harry Wong, a prominent Belmont chiropractor and extremely knowledgeable sport rider, is holding a monthly series of MotorcycleRiding Clinics. These seminars are FREE, and consist of a one hour lecture followed by a three hour group ride in the beautiful Santa Cruz mountains. The Doc Wong Riding Clinics are now in it's 15th year! PURPOSE: Enhance your riding skills, increase your enjoyment, and learn better riding survival reflexes. TYPE OF MOTORCYCLE: If it has 2 wheels and a motor, you're invited. SKILL LEVEL REQUIRED: The bottom line is that if you can safely negotiate the mountainous roads off Skyline Blvd, then you do have the minimum skills for the ride. Since these are not fast sport rides, any reasonably competent rider should be able to participate. We recommend that you be comfortable with your bike and knowledgeable about your(and your bike's) limitations and capabilities. If you have been riding for at least six months you've probably got the minimum level of expertise required. EQUIPMENT REQUIRED: A motorcycle in good mechanical condition, helmet,gloves, heavy jacket (leather or heavy material), heavy pants, boots...in other words, sensible riding attire. If you show up in shorts, tanktop, Oakley blades and flipflops on your feet, you _may_be invited to go home. You must also have a valid motorcycle license and insurance. Full leathers are encouraged but not required. You are responsible for your own safety. WORKSHOP FORMAT: (Each month is a different riding skills topic) 1. Meet at Doc Wong's Chiropractic office in Carlmont Shopping Center at 9 AM. After signing wavers, Doc Wong gives an hour lecture on the day's riding topic. He'll also go over Riding Within Your Abilities, Group Riding, and Road Manners. You'll be asked to fill out an optional survey for riding feedback and health issues. Then we will be split up into small groups with ride leader volunteers to lead you thru the hills. 2. The Ride: You can ride at a slower pace, you don't need to feel like you have to keep up with the riders in front of you. We'll have volunteer ride leaders leading you on the route thru the hills. Those riders will be designated to you prior to beginning theride. As volunteer riders, they are often very willing to help you inany way they can. So feel free to ask them questions on riding, the route, etc. It's important to approach this whole thing with the right attitude. If one of the volunteer ride leaders talks to you, it's meant to be constructive criticism and should be taken that way. After all, the purpose of the Clinics is to improve your skills. We try to ride at a moderate pace, and we hold the speed down on the straights to allow slower riders to catch up. We stop at any intersection where we're turning off to another road and we don'tcontinue until everyone has arrived. We'll try to make rest stops long enough so that the slower riders will get a rest, too. Ride Route: http://tinyurl.com/6gs5yu From Dr. Wong's office up to Woodside Road, up Kings Mountain Road, down Tunitas Creek Road and a short stop at the San Gregorio Road. Continue on Stage Road to the town of Pescadero to Cloverdale, Gazos Creek Road to Hwy 1. Then down Hwy 1 to Davenport for lunch. After lunch, it's south on Highway 1 to Bonny Doone Road, right on Smith Grade to Empire Grade, down Jamison Creek Road to Boulder Creek, then up Hwy 9 to the corner of Hwy 9 and Skyline at the rest stop for a final meeting. After our meeting and bull session, the group breaks up and everyone is on their own. Hope you can find your way home from there! Michael Nelson, San Francisco, CA -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Special acknowledgement and thanks to: Keith Code of California Superbike Schools for his help and guidance and support. The Doc Wong Street Riding Clinics are almost all based on his works. Get his books and tapes on the subject, read them and apply them....your riding will be much better for it! www.californiasuperbikeschool.com (http://www.californiasuperbikeschool.com/) Helimot Leathers: The leathers I use and consider the best! www.helimot.com (http://www.helimot.com/)

Wheelies, healies, endo's and stoppies!
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Kind of half-way, sorta seriously? Anyone interested in learning more about getting the front or rear wheel in the air? Call me crazy but I like to explore the outer edges of control on my machine. Don't get me wrong, I'm a very safety conscious rider. And when I know where those edges are than I know how complete my control is in a given situation. Capiche? Can I get a second?

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