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Doc Wong Dual Sport Adventure Riding Clinic (Required Friday Lecture)

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Doc Wong Adventure Dual Sport Clinic - Feb 7/9!


Due to some very popular requests, I've created this special clinic

for adventurous dual-sport, dirt and street riders. Basically anyone

who wants to improve their dirt skills. From the consistent feedback we've

been getting, the new format has been getting impressive results with riders gaining greatly improved dirt skills and confidence!

If you're a street rider and don't have a dual-sport or dirt bike,

come to Friday night's lecture and demonstrations as I guarantee that

it will be an educational experience for you. Though I'd have to say

that I've had a rider show up Sunday with a full dress Harley Davidson

motorcycle that did the dirt clinic. He did well too!

Not only will you learn Doc Wong's 12 Basic Fundamentals of Dirt

Riding Skills, but you'll get the most important data point of riding any

motorcycle competently. I'll cover vital topics and drills dealing

with coordinated balance, controlled sliding of the rear AND front

wheels, controlled wheelies, hillclimbs and much more.

So how do I get newer Adventure Dirt/Dual-Sport riders to, safely, do

things like lock up the front wheel, do wheelies etc all in one

morning of drills???? Attend Friday night's lecture and demonstration

and find out.

If you're a more experienced dirt rider I'd appreciate any help you'd

like to give in leading a group, etc.

This clinic is held on two separate days.

**Please note: Friday night's

talk is a prerequisite to Sunday's drilling and ride.

Cost: $20.00 donation to the Doc Wong Riding Clinics for clinic costs. Sound too good to be true? Yes, but it's true and

has been for the last 18 years of the Doc Wong Riding Clinics with now

over 40,000 riders having attended my various events! The $20 donation

is appreciated and if you want to donate more, that would be

wonderful, but you won't be asked to.

Part A: Friday evening, 6:30 PM will be a 2 hour talk at my

chiropractic office:

Full Motion Chiropractic

1021 Alameda de las Pulgas

Belmont, CA 94002

(650) 365-7775

Part B: Each ride has been full of wonderful surprises, a true

adventure! This clinic promises more of the same. The details of the

Sunday adventure ride will be announced at the Friday evening talk at my office at Full Motion Chiropractic.

Don't know if you have the skills to do the ride? Come Friday night to find out more.

Anyone is welcome to come to the evening "Dirt Riding Workshop-Talks

and Demonstrations" part of the clinic and is not limited in numbers,

however the practical "Dirt Ride Drills and Dirt Ride" part of the

clinic is limited to 40 riders.



A. Snacks, lunch and water.

B. Gear: Minimally have a good helmet, gloves, heavy boots, blue jeans

and a long sleeved shirt. Full dirt riding gear is ideal: Dirt helmet,

goggles, chest protector, elbow guards, gloves, knee pads and dirt

boots. Regular dual sport riding and touring gear is ok too, but be

aware it may get hot.

C. Mechanical: bike in good order, knobbies will work best, however

dual-sport tires will work also. Street bike tires will provide a

unique experience! ;-)

D. There will be nowhere to drop off luggage, so plan on doing the

entire ride with what you have. This is afterall an "Adventure" ride,

so if you want, bring luggage to simulate a ride.

E. Type of bike. It has to be a legal dual sport bike that can go at

least 170 miles. Terrain will be a combination of street and dirt.

You can being a smaller dual sport bike, but make sure to being extra

gas or make friends with a fellow with a big gas tank. There are

always several 1200 GS Adventurers there with over 9 gallons of gas.


Ride street, ride track, ride dirt, trials.....ride.....well!

Doc Wong

Chiropractor for Children and Adults

1021 Alameda de las Pulgas

Belmont, CA 94002

(650) 365-7775 (

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Special thanks to my friends and sponsors!

Keith Code of California Superbike Schools for his help and guidence

and support. The Doc Wong Street Riding Clinics are almost all based

on his works. Get his books and tapes on the subject, read them and

apply them....your riding will be much better for it! (

Gary Jaehne for his contributions on the Suspension clinics and in his

book: "Sportbiking: The Real World"....great reading.

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