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Whether you are a beginner, a pro, or someone who just fell in love with the movie Dodgeball and want to see what its all about, then come out and play! We play 1-2 games per month and are very consistent. We usually have 2-4 teams play on outdoor courts and its a good combination of 1st timers and our regular players. No worries if you are new to the game, because while we take the 3D's of dodgeball seriously, its all about having a good time! If you want to be outside and get some good exercise, join our meetup! You'll be sure to make new friends, have some fun and get down-n-dirty playing a little D-O-D-G-E-B-A-L-L!

SF Dodgeball Disclaimer

Dodging balls is fun but can be a dangerous sport. As a consenting adult and member of SF Dodgeball, you are solely responsible for your own safety. By joining this Meetup and RSVP'ing for meetups in our group, you acknowledge and voluntarily agree that dodgeball entails risks which could result in physical or emotional injury, possible death, or damage to self, property, or even third parties. (Death sounds extreme but anything is possible).

By joining our SF Dodgeball meetup, it confirms you accept and assume all responsibility and risks that could occur in this activity, whether caused or allegedly caused by negligence or natural occurrences within SF Dodgeball and that you voluntarily release, forever discharge, and agree to indemnify and hold harmless SF Dodgeball and/or any of its Organizers from any and all claims, demands, or causes of action, which are in any way connected to your participation in this Meetup. In order to participate in this meetup you must abide by these terms.


Guests must sign up for SF Dodgeball to avoid any risk factors while participating in any of our dodgeball meetups. Guests must abide by same terms as SF Dodgeball members. Have fun but be safe. Know the surroundings of where we play and be responsible. Enjoy and let's play dodgeball!!

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Game on for November!

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Fall in L-O-V-E with Dodgeball again! Game on!

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Gobble Gobble, Game On: SUNDAY Nov. 24 @ 1pm Dolores Park!

Needs a location


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