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What we’re about

Play and other social interaction in an off-leash environment is a dogs favorite thing to do. Treecourt Unleashed is a structured play environment with rules to help make the off-leash experience rewarding for both the pet and owner.  To participate, all dogs must have a close relationship with their master and be fully vaccinated.

Dog Hobbyist is a center for dogs to meet other dogs to play with. The best way to spend time with your dog is in a secure off-leash park. That's why we created a premier dog park, Treecourt Unleashed Dog Adventure Park!

Treecourt's privatly owned and operated off-leash dog park is supported by residents of St. Louis County and beyond through membership dues. Treecourt Unleashed is a unique great place to bring your dog to play and have a fun time.

Please call (314) 960-4741 for more details on how to become a supporting member of Treecourt Unleashed Dog Adventure Park.