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Dog Training Fun Workshop
Come along for a fun training meetup. When you RSVP, make a suggestion and I will pick a topic for the workshop. No matter what topic, you and your dog will benefit from having the support of a professional instructor in a group setting. You will need to bring lots of very yummy little treats and a fave toy (if your dog plays when out).

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This is my meetup group for people who wish to come together to work on their dog training. I will support members as coach and mentor, but I expect members to support each other and myself in their learning journeys. Reactive, shy and unruly dogs are welcome, as long as they have well behaved humans. :-) Issues we can work on include:

• working near distractions / triggers

• walking nicely on leash

• polite greetings / no jumping up

• coming when called / attention

• trick training and confidence building

The main focus for this group is improving dogs' ability to enjoy their time in public, while maintaining acceptable manners.

The training methods used in this group are positive reinforcement based. "Clicker training" is the method of choice. The use of choke collars or electronic collars will not be tolerated, nor will physical correction / punishment be advocated. Positive reinforcers can include food, play, tactile contact, social approval or an opportunity to engage in enjoyable behaviours.

For dogs and owners needing more intensive assistance, I also offer private sessions and small classes. Check it out at:

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