Women's Camping Retreat - Beginner and Experienced welcome.

Do It For You
Do It For You
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Do it for You - Women's Camping Retreat!
Perfect for First Timers & Experienced alike.
We are Introvert, Extrovert and Ambivert Friendly.
*Limited to 10 participants*

Nature is Therapeutic! Studies have shown that being active in Nature doubles the number of new nerve cells in the Hippocampus, the learning and memory portion of the brain. Learn therapeutic mental and physical techniques and the in’s and out’s of camping while being with Nature in a forested campground on the beach of lovely Lake Michigan!

Where - Hoffmaster State Park near Muskegon, MI
When - Friday, August 26th - Monday, August 29th. You are welcome to stay the entire time or part of the time.
Cost - $90 per person for the entire weekend! Trip limited to 10 participants
Cost includes: Campsite, Modern Bathrooms & Showers, All meals Friday - Sunday, firewood, unlimited Activities, Workshops, Cooking Gear, and Group Glamping Chill Tent (Posh, Glamorous camping tent with cozy floor seat cushions, coloring supplies, magazines and soft music).

-Workshops & Activities-
Tent Pitching Basics & Teamwork, Nature Hikes, Stress Reduction & Meditation, Bonfire Basics, Team building, Scavenger Hunt with prizes Hula Hooping, Healthy Camp Cooking on a Budget, Wilderness Survival Basics, Morning Stretch & Tone.

You must provide your own tent, sleeping pad, sleeping bag, pillow and personal items.
Bring a 2-4 person tent. No larger tents allowed as campsite space is limited.
Tent & Gear options:
-Bring your own tent, sleeping gear and personal items (packing list provided to registered participants)

-Rent a tent and camping gear. Best price and local: U of M Recsports (https://recsports.umich.edu/article/equipment-rentals) (open to public), or Outdoorsgeek rent a tent and gear (http://www.outdoorsgeek.com/shop25/subcatalog-list.cfm?subcat_id=cc20&cat_id=20&storeid=3)

-Share a tent - There will be room for a total of 10 tents and 10 participants maximum. Sharing a tent is encouraged but not necessary. You can communicate with others in the comments section for possible tent sharing and carpooling.

*NOTE* We have 3 campsites. Each campsite can have 2 cars each. Car spots are first come first serve. Other cars will have to be parked at golf course down the street and we will shuttle you back to the campground. Carpooling is encouraged.

Meals, Activities & Workshop Itinerary (Feel free to participate at your leisure or just do your own thing!)

5:00 - 7:00 - Workshop: Tent Basics - Pitching, Protecting & Teamwork
7:00 pm - Workshop: Bonfire Building and Bonding - Become a Bonfire Jedi while playing bonding games to get to know one another.
8:00 -Dinner - DIY Hot Dog/ Sausage Dinner, Salad and S’mores (food provided)
9:00 - Workshop: Night Hike

8 am - 9 am - Breakfast & Coffee - Charity’s Famous Johnny Cakes & Fruit. DIY fire roasted sausages
9:30 am - Workshop: Morning Stretch & Tone - To limber us up for a fun day!
11:00 am - Workshop: Mindfulness Nature Hike
12 noon - 1:00 - FREE TIME! Go to the beach, chill at the campground or do anything you like.
1 pm - Lunch - DIY Sack lunch (food provided)
1 pm - 4 pm - FREE TIME! Go to the beach, chill at the campground or do anything you like.
4:30 pm - Workshop: Wilderness Survival Basics
6 pm - Nature Scavenger Hunt with Prizes! Healthy Snacks on the Go!
7:30 pm - Activity: Beach Sunset Activities - Meditation, Letting Go/ Flying Wishes & Hula Hooping. Do one, some, all or your own thing!
9:30pm - Workshop: Bonfire Jedi’s
9:30 pm - Dinner & Workshop - Healthy Camp Cooking on a Budget— DIY Healthy Camp Cooked Dinner & S’mores

8 am - 9 am- Breakfast & Coffee
9:30 am - Workshop: Morning Stretch & Tone - To limber us up for a fun day!
10 am - Workshop: Mindfulness Morning Nature Hike, Nature Center Visit & Dune Climb. Do one, some, all or your own thing!
12 pm - FREE TIME! Go to the beach, chill at the campground or do anything you like.
1 pm - Lunch - DIY Sack lunch (food provided)
1 pm - 4 pm - FREE TIME! Go to the beach, chill at the campground or do anything you like.
4:30 pm - Activity - Trip to the Whippi Dip! (at your own cost) Or hang back for
free healthy snacks & coffee at 6 pm.
6:00 pm - Healthy Snacks & Coffee
8:00 pm - Workshop: Bonfire Jedi’s
8:30 pm - Dinner: DIY Hotdogs & Sausages with Salad & S’mores

8 am - 9 am - Breakfast snacks & Coffee
9 am - Workshop - Breaking it down, tent style.
Pack up and head home by 11 am



Drug & Alcohol Free - We understand that some participants may be in recovery and/or sobriety, therefore, we will respect potential triggers and will not allow alcohol or drugs (including medical marijuana) on the premises. If you wish to partake, we respectfully require that you do so off the premises.

* Pet Free - Please leave your furry loved ones at home.

For more details and picture slide show, go to Loring Therapy’s Women’s Camping Retreat Webpage at: http://www.loringtherapy.com/#!womenscampingretreat/sdu52

Packing List

Must Have’s:

Tent with a rainfly (most tents come with them)

Sleeping bag or sheets/blankets


Sleeping pad, inflatable or closed cell foam

(Sleeping pad is not a luxury, it helps to insulate the body from the ground which gets cold at night)

Water bottle for refilling

Bug spray

Sun Screen


Clothing for warm and cool weather

At least 1 pair pants and 1 long sleeve shirt. The nights are cooler and pants are ideal for hiking and fending off bugs.

Bag or backpack to carry items to beach or on hikes

2 pairs shoes -

Tennis shoes or hiking boots with good tread.

Slip on shoes or sandals for easy on/ easy off to get in and out of tents and to wear around campground.

flashlight or headlamp

Toiletries, Bath Towel and washcloth

Eating utensils: Dish, fork/spoon, Coffee mug if you drink coffee.


Rainjacket and a regular jacket or hoodie for the cooler nights

Optional Items:

Bathing suit


Lawn chair

Notepad if you want to take notes during workshops


Hat to protect from sun

Baby wipes (every female campers best friend. Easy washing of hands)

Small broom/dustpan to sweep out tent before packing it up

Rope for clothesline to dry bathing suit/towels

Camp knife or jack knife