• Help shape the JacksonHeights.nyc media enterprise

    Jackson Heights Jewish Center

    Connecting.nyc Inc.’s founding director Tom Lowenhaupt will present an overview of his organization’s development plans for the JacksonHeights.nyc domain on Thursday, January 12, at 8 PM. The presentation will be made at the Jackson Heights Jewish Center,[masked]th St. , a short walk from the Roosevelt Avenue – Jackson Heights subway stop on the E, F, M, and R trains, and the 7 train’s 74th Street station. The occasion will be the regular monthly meeting of the New Visions Democratic Club. All are welcome to this free event. His presentation will begin with a description of the .nyc TLD and the city’s hopes for its neighborhood names licensing program. Then, after a project history and timeline, he’ll describe the system’s initial features – a neighborhood resource directory and common calendar – and the ways neighbors and organizations may join in developing and using them. He’ll then speak of the long term potential as social and civic features are developed and introduced. He’ll conclude with a discussion of the ways existing neighborhood organizations might benefit, and of the plans to transition control of the endeavor from Connecting.nyc to neighborhood residents. Q&A will follow the formal presentation. Mr. Lowenhaupt said the audience for this first public presentation was carefully chosen as the project’s success depends on engagement and support by the neighborhood’s civic, social, and business leadership, sectors strongly represented at New Visions.

  • Empowering New York City's Neighborhoods

    Neighborhood Preservation Center

    The de Blasio administration initiated a program to license operators of 385 neighborhood domain names - Astoria.nyc, Bensonhurst.nyc, Corona.nyc, DUMBO, Elmhurst.nyc, Flatbush.nyc, GreenwichVillage.nyc, Harlem.nyc... On Tuesday, March 22 at 7 PM we're going to review that licensing program and explore ways to connect the (potentially) 385 independent operators of those domain names, enabling them to share ideas and best practices. Agenda: o Update on the city’s licensing program for the neighborhood domain names. o Hear the experiences and expectations of applicants for neighborhood names. o Discussion: What organizational structure will enable operators of these “dotNeighborhoods” to share best practices and be represented before city and other regulatory entities? How can these operations collaborate to create open-source modules like bulletin boards, neighborhood calendars, etc.? Sponsors: Connecting.nyc Inc., The New York Internet Society. What: Empowering Neighborhoods Where: The Neighborhood Preservation Center, 232 East 11th Street When: Tuesday, March 22, 7:00 - 8:30 PM The facility has 20 seats. Reserve one here or email [masked]. Light refreshments will be provided. Can't make it? The meeting will be recorded by the New York Internet Society. Keep an eye on the Connecting.nyc (http://connecting.nyc) blog for updates. Interested in operating a neighborhood name? Begin your exploration on our Adding Internet Mojo To Neighborhoods (http://www.connectingnyc.org/neighborhoods-home/) pages. Best, Tom Lowenhaupt, Director Connecting.nyc Inc.

  • Let's Make A Wiki Neighborhood

    Babycastles Gallery + Interspace

    The city's dotNeighborhoods are available for the taking (sort of (http://www1.nyc.gov/site/forward/initiatives/dotnyc/domain-requests.page)). We've long suggested that a wiki should be a key component of a civicly effective dotNeighborhood; where neighbors contribute their knowledge to a Wikipedia-like database of local information. (See one New Yorker's vision for a dotNeighborhood (http://www.connectingnyc.org/things-i-want-for-my-neighborhood-nyc/).) Will it be Astoria.nyc, Bensonhurst.nyc, Corona.nyc, Ditmars.nyc, Elmhurst.nyc, Flushing.nyc, GreenwichVillage.nyc, Harlem.nyc ... We're going to reach out for a pilot neighborhood at next week's WikiWednesday Salon and Skill-Share. It's part of a regular monthly event sponsored by Wikimedia-New York. See its site: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Meetup/NYC. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Meetup/NYC) "WikiWednesday is for everyone, at all levels of wiki experience. The Wiki-salon and knowledge-sharing workshop downtown in Greenwich Village and includes pizza, refreshments, and video games in the Babycastles gallery." WikiWednesday welcomes all those from the education, museum, library, and nonprofit worlds, and from everyone in any community interested in building a bigger, broader and better Wikipedia. At this month's meeting we'll provide the city's wikipedians with an opportunity to nominate and join in developing a dotNeighborhood.

  • Wednesday: Neighborhoods.nyc @ Queens Borough Hall 9:30 AM

    Nonprofits and local development corporations interested in developing a neighborhood domain name: Astoria.nyc, Bayside.nyc, Flushing.nyc, ForestHills.nyc, JacksonHeights.nyc, etc., should attend a Neighborhoods.NYC information session on Wednesday, Dec. 2 from 9:30-11AM at Queens Borough Hall,[masked] Queens Boulevard, Kew Gardens, NY, Room 200. (It's the Kew Gardens Station on the E and F trains.) You should register for it here (http://nyc.us2.list-manage.com/track/click?u=fc350b124f578d71b6cda0beb&id=534ffe4987&e=00799eb347). The session will provide information for organizations interested in applying to license and operate a specific neighborhood domain name, e.g., KewGardens.nyc. The City of New York has reserved nearly 400 neighborhood names (http://nyc.us2.list-manage2.com/track/click?u=fc350b124f578d71b6cda0beb&id=361dbf7c93&e=00799eb347) across the five boroughs on the .nyc top-level domain, and these neighborhood domains will be new online hubs for civic engagement, online organizing, economic development, and information-sharing. A beta site (http://nyc.us2.list-manage.com/track/click?u=fc350b124f578d71b6cda0beb&id=90539a52a1&e=00799eb347) is currently live for you to explore the platform. To be eligible for a .nyc neighborhood name, the lead organization must be registered as a not-for-profit, public benefit corporation, or local development corporation located within the neighborhood for which a .nyc domain name is sough.r If your organization is interested in attending the event please RSVP (http://nyc.us2.list-manage.com/track/click?u=fc350b124f578d71b6cda0beb&id=74eaf17543&e=00799eb347)for Wednesday's info session. The RSVP deadline is Monday, Nov. 30. Download this flyer (http://nyc.us2.list-manage1.com/track/click?u=fc350b124f578d71b6cda0beb&id=be15afa08b&e=00799eb347) (.5MB, PDF) for more details. You can reach out to [masked] of the Coalition 4 Queens, a key organizer of the event, with questions about Wednesday's event. Connecting.nyc Inc. has been involved with developing the dotNeighborhood names for over 5 years. Learn about our efforts here (http://www.connectingnyc.org/2015-the-year-of-the-dotneighborhoods/).

  • Is Google giving search priority to sites using .nyc domain names?

    Is Google recognizing the efficacy of our city's nexus policy and giving search listing priority to sites using .nyc domain names? Art thinks so. Come to the below event to hear about his success with his Souvenirs.nyc website. If Google is giving priority to sites using .nyc domain names, it's big news. Here's the Meetup page for the meeting's sponsor. Go there for the latest details: http://www.meetup.com/Tech-NYC-Discussion-and-Future-techology/events/222891631/, (http://www.meetup.com/Tech-NYC-Discussion-and-Future-techology/events/222891631/)we're just piling on. • Latest Ecommerce project is doing really well. Within a month of launch Souvenirs.nyc (http://www.Souvenirs.nyc) is #1 for Nyc Modern Souvenirs (above MoMA) and # 3 for New York souvenirs and at the top of many key souvenirs key words. See how we did it and what went into it. • Please note that we have limited reservation spots, so reserve early and updater your status quickly if you cant make it.

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  • Premium .nyc Domain Names and The Public Interest Panel (and a party!)

    As of December 1st, 60,000 .nyc domain names have been sold (did you missed that boat?). But 3,069 of the best have been set aside for allocation via high-bid auctions, e.g., bars.nyc, hotels.nyc, news.nyc, sports.nyc, etc. Many think there should be Public Interest Commitments (PICs) associated with developing these Premium Domain Names. For example, require the developer of news.nyc to offer local news, and that local pizza shops be listed in pizza.nyc. (The scenario where Hilton Hotels and Pizza Hut own them adds nothing to life in the city.) We're going to hear from a panel engaged with premium names from different perspectives: o Avri Doria is an Internet policy expert intimate with the development of the PIC concept at ICANN. o Gabriel Levitt, V.P. Pharmacyhchecker.com (on .pharmacy) is concerned that the lack of PICs will adversely affect the health of millions of U.S. residents. o Thomas Lowenhaupt, Connecting.nyc Inc. sees PICs as a way to establish signposts for city resources and demonstrating the city's commitment to the long term development of the .nyc TLD. Jeff Merritt, Mayor's Office of Technology and Innovation, who oversees city technology developments such as .nyc will attend. The city's contractor for .nyc TLD, has a been invited. And THERE'S A PARTY. Enjoy Holiday Cheer and a light snack with the New York Internet Society. The panel will be available on livestream: https://new.livestream.com/internetsociety/dotnyc .

  • The .nyc TLD is here - What Now?

    Heartland Brewery

    It's a new era for the .nyc TLD. It's active and part of our lives and our message to the world. This Thursday a group of investors and developers of .nyc domain names will be meeting at Heartland Brewery to discuss their hopes and concerns for the .nyc TLD. Their effort is called dotNYC Domain Name Meetup. (http://www.meetup.com/Dot-NYC-Domain-Name-Group-NYC-Discussion-and-Future/events/215884292/?a=uc1_vm&read=1&_af_eid=215884292&_af=event) Many who followed our effort over the past several years were interested in .nyc from this "investor" perspective and we're taking this opportunity to connect you with Art and his new Meetup. Here at Connecting.nyc Inc. we're considering our continuing role with the .nyc TLD. We'll let you know what we decide over the next several weeks. Best, Tom Lowenhaupt ----------------------------------------------- Thomas Lowenhaupt, Founder & Chair Connecting.nyc Inc. [masked] Connectingnyc.org (http://www.connectingnyc.org/) Jackson Hts., NYC 11372 [masked] 4222 CallSend SMSAdd to SkypeYou'll need Skype CreditFree via Skype

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    Join us this and most every Thursday from 5-6 PM at our Open Board Meetings. It's a casual meeting with one or more members of Connecting.nyc Inc.'s board of directors. Some weeks we have special guests and more focused meetings. In those instances we might limit general question time. But there's always a chat for questions. That's Thursdays from 5-6 PM (New York City time). Best, Tom Lowenhaupt ----------------------------------------------- Thomas Lowenhaupt, Founder & Chair Connecting.nyc Inc. [masked] Web (http://www.connectingnyc.org/) Wiki (http://www.coactivate.org/projects/campaign-for.nyc/project-home) Blog (http://www.coactivate.org/projects/campaign-for.nyc/blog/) Jackson Hts., NYC[masked]

  • An hour of news and Q&A about the .nyc TLD (Top Level Domain)

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    Join us this and most every Thursday from 5-6 PM at our Open Board Meetings. It's a casual meeting with one or more members of Connecting.nyc Inc.'s board of directors. Some weeks we have special guests and more focused meetings. In those instances we might limit general question time. But there's always a chat for questions. That's Thursdays from 5-6 PM (New York City time). Best, Tom Lowenhaupt ----------------------------------------------- Thomas Lowenhaupt, Founder & Chair Connecting.nyc Inc. [masked] Web (http://www.connectingnyc.org/) Wiki (http://www.coactivate.org/projects/campaign-for.nyc/project-home) Blog (http://www.coactivate.org/projects/campaign-for.nyc/blog/) Jackson Hts., NYC[masked]