How to get a .NET Core App into Production & .NET Core 3.0 Hardware Intrinsics

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This time we have two Talks:

How to get a .NET Core App into Production and what then (Andi Willich)

Developing a .NET Core application is one thing. Getting it into production is another.
Then a lot of questions start to pop up:
- What is framework- dependent?
- What is self- contained?
- Which runtime should I use?
- How do I get it to run in IIS?
- Do I want to run it in IIS?
- How do we install security patches?
- How long do we get security patches?
- What gets security patches?

Andi will answer you this questions, so that when you talk the next time with your Sysadmin about bringing a .NET Core app into production, nobody has any fear about it.

Writing Fast Code Using .NET Core 3.0 Hardware Intrinsics (Martin Ullrich)

.NET Core 3.0 now gives you access to the raw power of modern CPUs and allows you to supercharge compute-intensive code that you couldn’t really optimize any further without using intrinsic functions provided by C/C++ compilers or even writing CPU-specific Assembler code.
This session explains how code can be vectorized and optimized for modern processors using new vector types and special classes providing access to AVX, SSE and more CPU instruction sets and shows you how to progressively take advantage of these processor features when available on target machines.

The Venue will be provided by Donau City Spaces (, the new workshop & conference room provider in Vienna and TechTalk’s latest project.

Food & Drinks will also be provided by TechTalk.


- Door opens at 17:45
- Meetup will start at 18:15


- Welcoming
- Recap
- Socializing

Be aware, that TechTalk will be on the 16th floor and not anymore on the 11th.
We got a new office!