Automate design patterns with PostSharp and aspect-oriented programming in .NET



• 06:45 - Networking with pizza and drinks (courtesy of Redgate Software)

• 07:15 - Community Introduction (Andrea Angella)

• 07:25 - Automate design patterns with PostSharp and aspect-oriented programming (Gael Fraiteur)

Design patterns are now universally accepted and have significantly improved the way we design software. However, they have had relatively little impact on how we write code. Except rare exceptions like the 'using' or 'lock' keywords, most patterns must still be implemented by hand, resulting in large quantities of boilerplate code that must be validated by peer review. However, development tools could do a better job by automatically implementing some parts of the pattern, and automatically validating hand-written code against pattern rules. This talk shows how to remove this redundant code with aspect-oriented programming (AOP) and PostSharp, the reference AOP framework for .NET.

• 08:10 - Short Break

• 08:15 - Under the Hood of PostSharp (Gael Fraiteur)

Gael started to work on PostSharp in 2004 and has never stopped. Today, thousands of .NET developers rely on this tool to automate the boring part of their job. In this talk, Gael gives you an engineer-to-engineer guided tour of PostSharp internals, from the high-level architecture to the most interesting low-level details, and explains the reasoning behind them. Gael also chats about the most challenging aspects of running a development tool company. No question will be left unanswered. A unique learning opportunity for any curious .NET developer.

• 09:00 - Prizes & Networking
• 09:30 - Closing