7 key decisions for any new Xamarin Project

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Feature Talk: 7 Key Decisions For Any New Xamarin Project

Now that Xamarin is more accessible than ever, many developers will have the opportunity to apply their existing .NET, C# or F# skills to building cross-platform mobile apps.

While there is no shortage of information out there to help you get started, making the most of the right tools and established best practices can really kickstart your development efforts. On any new project you’ll face key questions such as: Xamarin.Forms or Native UI? What architecture and/or frameworks are appropriate? How should I persist the state of my applications? What is the best tooling to test, build and deploy my apps?

I'll walkthrough the early stages of a new Xamarin project, explaining the options and tackling these key decisions to show how you can quickly deliver professional apps across multiple platforms.

About Chris Williams:

Chris is a Xamarin Certified Developer who has been building desktop, web and now mobile applications for more than fifteen years, specialising in C# and .NET.

He first got into Xamarin three years ago as a lead developer at Nokia and Microsoft, where MixRadio made the Guardian’s Top 25 Apps of the Year on both Android and iOS. He’s currently using Xamarin to deliver connected audio experiences as Principal Engineer at Audiogum.