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What we’re about

We are a group of tango dancers and teachers from all corners of the globe, collaborating to bring a world of tango to Vancouver! Aside from our classes on technique, footwork, connection, and fundamentals (walking and embrace), we also explore meditation, stress management, and self-development through tango. In addition, we are looking for people interested in joining a performance team! No previous tango experience necessary, we train from scratch! This a fun way to get in shape (brain as well as body) and make great new friends (and tango family!) Please message if interested (or even slightly curious!)

Tango is a dance that is entirely improvised. It is danced in pairs, hugging and walking, requires a mediative state, and is the ultimate exercise in communication and creativity. Tango dancers develop posture, balance, elegance, precise control over their physical and mental states, as well as a deep understanding of connection to others, communication, teamwork, leadership, and trust. Most of all, they develop a deeper understanding of themselves. To watch tango, click here!

Tango is used around the world as therapy and rehabilitation for numerous conditions, and has been presented in conferences such as TED to teach about leadership and communication in business. The applications and benefits of tango are endless. With this in mind, we would like to invite you to consider how your most loved activities, hobbies and skills could be combined with tango to develop in new ways. In the past we have done life drawing sessions, photography, connection to nature, and painting (foot painting, dancing on canvas) all in combination with tango.

All levels are welcome, no partners needed, no dress code, drop-ins welcome! Check our schedule for upcomeing classes and workshops, see you there!

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