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You really want to get in shape? Let coach Austin Gwaltney take you through innovative and exciting training sessions in an awesome environment! Our sessions are designed to build physical and mental strength and endurance while quickly building a "rockin hot bod" for summer ! Throughout your fitness journey, you will receive massive positive energy, nutritional guidance, and accountability to help you improve and get better over the long haul! Come out and join us if you want to be motivated and get in shape!


-Classes will meet Tuesday and Thursday for 6 weeks @ 7:30.

-There is a fee of $100 flat rate payable the first evening.

-Wear comfortable clothing and gym/tennis shoes.

-Bring water!!! And a towel if needed.

-Beginners WELCOME!

About our coach:

Austin Gwaltney ACE-CPT, USAW
As one of Sacramento's most premier group training and personal training coaches, coach Austin's goal and passion is to help more than 300 individuals in 2014 accomplish there dreams and aspirations in health, fitness, and motivation. Coach Austin is a USAW weightlifting coach and he has coached numerous weightlifters in competition. He is certified personal trainer through ACE and has spoken for UC Davis HR on the subject of health and fitness. Having coached many seminars on the usage of innovative training equipment, he is continually adding new and exciting methods which are applied to his group training sessions. Austin is a student at Sacramento State University studying Kinesiology and Exercise Science. He has competed in Collegiate Weightlifting Nationals in 2011 and his current goals are to compete in US Nationals and the US Opens in weightlifting as well as compete in his first powerlifting meet. One of his favorite quotes: Maintenance is an illusion as we are either becoming better or worse. It is time to get better!

About the facility:

If you live in the Sacramento CA area and are looking to get lean, and look great then Innovative Strength & Conditioning is where you want to train! Walk away from the "gym" where you do the same old things and train the Innovative way! From years of experience as trainers, we have developed this unique approach to fitness, using a wide variety of techniques to get you fit fast. Our complete training methods will provide you the opportunity to attain total health and wellness. At Innovative Strength & Conditioning our training burns 9x's the body fat than regular traditional boring cardio such as a treadmill, or elliptical etc.,etc... Regardless of your age or your fitness level, if you live in or around Sacramento area and want to get into shape, drop those extra pounds, build lean muscle, and actually have fun while doing it with YOUR specific goals in mind, Innovative Strength & Conditioning is for you! We specialize in spots performance, explosive speed, quick first step, and agility. Our sports classes are geared towards getting our athletes faster quicker and more explosive.
We also have fun and challenging group classes for that x athlete who just wants to get some of that athleticism back. Remember once an athlete ALWAYS an athlete! In order to look and perform like an athlete one must train like an athlete.


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