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Star Wars mini campaign (setting to be decided, FATE or d20 RCR)


I would like to run a short roleplaying campaign set in the Star Wars setting.

I envision running for approximately 16 to 18 weekly sessions, including one or two sessions to collaboratively create the campaign premise and to create characters. I aim to tailor the campaign around the characters so that the players feel invested in the plot.

The game would likely be set between Episodes III & IV as this gives us the greatest freedom to play up all the tropes of the movies - we can have Jedi and the Empire - whilst benefiting from the lack of too much canon information about what went on in that period.

I have two possible rules systems in which to run the campaign, the choice of which is one of the first things we as a group will need to decide (as choice of system may mean some people don't wish to play). My choices are either:

FATE: Possibly the Starblazer Adventures implementation from Cubicle 7 as it is a scif-fi toolbox, or it may even be possible to use just Free FATE. FATE Core (beta) could also be a possibility.

d20 Revised Core Rules - The second d20 Star Wars RPG created by Wizards of the Coast, much more "crunchy" but very familiar to anyone who has played D&D, Pathfinder or any other d20 game.

Feel free to ask any questions below...