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This is a Castles & Crusades campaign, in the Dragonlance setting. Characters start from 1st level. No previous knowledge of the setting is required. I am aiming to game every other Saturday. I am looking for 4 or 5 players at most. Please don't hesitate to contact me for more info!

Herewith a brief introduction to the campaign. It will feature mystery, exploration, politics and combat...and dragons, of course!

There are currently three stable players,there is space for one or two more.

Excerpt from a letter found on the body of one Kal Korben, a ranger of the highest character.

"They say the wars are over. But none can tell you when they ended, nor how. Truth is, it has been five years since the end of the War of the Lance, and almost one year since the end of the blitz of the Blue Lady, yet we still keep fighting.

With the last war, all realized the Dragon Armies could return at any time. With new resolve, the Whitestone forces stood to arms again. Led by the Solamnic Knights, they smashed through the remaining Dragon Armies. In a long and bitter campaign, the eastern lands were freed. The City of Sanction fell to a bloody siege. Enemy forces were routed and driven deep into hiding.

So as not to be caught unprepared again, the knights established outposts, like this one, throughout the Eastern Borderlands. With that, the armies withdrew and, save for the knights, were largely disbanded.
All depend on our outposts. We are to be vigilant, to stamp out the enemy where we find it and, if enemies threaten, to give advance warning to good folk everywhere.

For all of the confidence many felt when Sanction fell, things are not as they could be. The knights, on whom so much depends, are stretched too thin. Indeed, it is all the knights can do to provide the outposts with leadership. The work of patrolling, and the like, falls almost entirely on ordinary folk, such as ourselves.

And if the other outposts are like this one, things may be much worse than they appear. Strange events have occurred. We hear rumours. Rumours of settler caravans killed or enslaved. Of dead stolen from open graves. Of dragons seen flying to the east. Of entire cities captured and secretly enslaved.

But of late, things seem calmer. The patrols sent to investigate report nothing. Yet I fear some dreadful fate awaits us all. A fate we should be able to see but which a dark veil is hiding.

Ah, I babble. We are in the western-most outpost below the deserted City of Throtl. Of all the outposts, we have the least to fear. My regards to our mother. Tell her I am safe and likely to remain that way.

Your brother,


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