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Dragonfly Qigong School is the home of specialist Qigong training & intuitive healing focused on assisting with mental health recovery to access a whole new level of calm and ease in your life. Train online and in-person with Master Teacher Adam Wiltshire

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Learn Qigong, 10 week term

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Take a journey in learning the healing art of Qigong and discover the ancient secrets of Chinese Medicine to maintaining inner balance.

Over the 10 weeks, you will have an opportunity to take a break from the stresses of the world and city life and make time to connect more deeply with yourself. Together we will learn how the ancient wisdom of Qigong can help you overcome negative thoughts, emotions and feelings and have you walk away feeling in a calmer headspace with more ease and flow.

We will explore the little known connection between the organs, emotions and the Chinese 5 elements, understanding that we can store emotions in our different organs and that over time these emotions can become stuck, stagnant and un-balanced in the body. Each Qigong movement will target specific organs, emotions and meridian channels and will provide you with everything you need to start feeling a positive change.

Qigong works by combining breathing techniques and movement meditations to balance and detoxify the body and to stimulate it’s natural self healing abilities. The ancient system of wisdom, knowledge and Chinese medicine that underpins Qigong offers you a powerful and transformational practice that when practiced regularly can create deep and lasting change in your life.

Over the 10 weeks we will be learning 2 distinct styles of Qigong - Meridian Qigong and 8 Trigram Organ Qigong. These styles are an ancient combination of standing movements and breathing techniques characterised by spiral and deep twisting like movements that seamlessly link from one movement to the next. This Qigong helps to detoxify the fascia of imbalances, relieve pressure on the spine, massages the organs and cleanses the meridian channels throughout the body.

This journey will offer you a fully comprehensive, authentic and interactive experience of Medical Qigong learning from certified and experienced instructor Adam Wiltshire as your guide.
Our classes are designed for complete beginners and provide clear and simple instruction to help you start feeling better and noticing results immediately. After participating in a Qigong class, you can expect to walk away feeling noticeably calmer, more energised and feeling present and ready for the day ahead. Over time, when practiced regularly, this can evolve into a deep transformation.

Key Information
Time: 9:30am
Start date: Tuesday 11th October
Duration: 1 hour
Term Length: 10 Weeks
Location: RedoHealth Clinic, Balmain
Cost: $280
Qigong Forms: Meridian Qigong and 8 Trigram Organ Qigong
Book now through clinic: https://www.redohealth.com.au/product/qigong-classes/

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Learn Qigong, Shibashi and Guigen Style

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