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Beginner: Drawing at The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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Beginner: Improving Your Drawings

* This Meetup is structured as a drawing class. It is limited to 10 students.

This class is for you if you are relatively new to drawing and want direction on how to proceed. This class is for beginners and for people who consider themselves beginners.

Each student receives personal instruction and technical advice based on their drawings during the session.

The Class:

1) We will begin with a short Q & A session where we answer some common questions: Do I begin with one tiny piece or do I try to get the whole image on the paper? How do I make sure things fit on the page? How do I draw more in proportion? etc...

2) Together, head into the galleries to work on our first drawing exercise. I will sit with each student to discuss their work and make sure the lesson is understood and effective.

3) We meet briefly to discuss our work, ask any questions and get our next exercise.

4) We set out to draw again. And again I visit with each student to talk about their work.

5) Finally we meet to discuss what we have learned and answer any final questions.

Students should bring a drawing pad, a drawing board, a 2H pencil, a HB pencil, a 4B pencil, an eraser and a pencil sharpener.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me.


What others are saying:

“ Wonderful. Simon is a great instructor. He really hones in to the individual and their drawing giving very specific comments and encouragement!” - Laura

"Simon takes an easy, encouraging approach to it, and his thoughtful guidance and feedback is so helpful. I'll definitely keep coming back!" - Susan

"...super-helpful instructions helped transform a pitiful outline into something a passerby actually stopped to compliment on! And the group critique at the end was also very enjoyable." - Nancy N.


Please note: this event is not affiliated with The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Museum admission is not included in the event cost. Museum tickets are suggested only and you may pay as much as little as you wish.