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Who does not like to get dressed up for a night on the town every once in a while?

It is time to shake dust off your favorite dress or outfit and join us for an event. Everyone deserves the opportunity to get dressed up, feel empowered, and share an experience with both new and old friends.

We welcome those ages 21 and older to join us at an upcoming social event.

With approximately one or two event each month in the DC Metro area, Dressed to the Nines looks forward to hosting an array of events at dining, performing arts, and cultural venues. While the premise of all Dressed to the Nines events is to dress up, certain venues may impose a dress code with higher or lower levels of formality.

All Dressed to the Nines events will fall into one of the five categories below:

Social Hour: Less formal attire and venue. Non-ticketed events that are pay as you go. Great opportunity to meet and socialize.

Dining Out: More formal attire and venues. Both ticketed and pay as you go events. Enjoy upscale dining venues, menus, & events.

Art & Culture: Varied attire guidelines. Both ticketed and non-ticketed venues. Experience art & culture at receptions & galas.

Performing Arts: Varied attire guidelines. Typically, will be ticketed events. Support the arts by attending various performances.

Fashion & Style: Varied attire guidelines and venues. Typically, will be ticketed events. Share your love of fashion with likeminded friends.

To ensure our members are dressed appropriately the following images will be used to symbolize an expected formality level for each event:


Membership Tiers: To promote engagement and longevity, members may elect to participate in a tiered membership program. Advancement to a higher tier is achieved through event attendance. Each tier of membership achieved provides individuals with a commemorative title and token.

The structure of society membership is as follows:

Tier 1

Title: Dressed to the Nines Member

Token 1: Sapphire Colored Brooch or Lapel Pin (Attend 3 Events)

Token 2: Emerald Colored Brooch or Lapel Pin (Attend 6 Events)

Tier 2

Title: Dressed to the Nines Ambassador

Token: Ruby Colored Brooch or Lapel Pin (Attend 12 Events)

Tier 3

Title: Dressed to the Nines Symposiarch

Token: Diamond Colored Brooch or Lapel Pin (Attend 16 Events or become a Group Organizer)

Again, participation in the tiered membership program is completely optional and intended to be a fun way to reward those regularly attending events. Should you wish not to participate, please kindly message a group organizer.

This group respects and observes social distancing and health guidelines to ensure the safety and health of attendees.

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Restaurant Week at Mayflower Club

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Kentucky Derby Viewing Party

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Social Hour at Pinstripes Bistro, Bowling, & Boccee

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