Virtual Sewalong: Tanya Whelan Cowl Dress - 18 May to 31 July

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Another free pattern from my to-do list. A vintage inspired dress with bias cut cowl bodice and a slightly flared gored skirt.

This one was featured in Issue 23 of Love Sewing Magazine but you don't need the magazine as you can just download the pattern and instructions by creating a login for their website. The pattern was designed by Tanya Whelan for her book "Sew Many Dresses, Sew Little Time". I don't have the book but it seems to have positive reviews so hopefully this is a good pattern.

As on their sizing they have put 1, 2, 3 rather than 8, 10, 12, etc I'm not sure what regular sizes they correspond with. I have included the size chart in the photo album - seems to be a wide range (from 32 to 50 & 1/2 inch bust).

Due to limitations in the meetup software this needs to be given date / times to set up the "event" but the idea is to start making and posting to this "event" any time from Sat 18th May with the target to finish by Sun 23rd June. I've scheduled it so the time period includes 6 weekends - let me know if you think I should make it longer.

If you're super keen you can make / post earlier but I don't think I will start mine until May.

Looking forward to see everyone's version!


Love Sewing Mag Issue 23 cowl dress pattern and instructions:


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For those that are new to the group - anything put in as a virtual sewalong doesn't mean that we all log in "somewhere" and do "something" at the time of the placeholder event. We are just working around the way the meetup software is set up by adding it as an event.

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