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Return of the Killer Easter Bunny Zombie---Wacky Tuesday at Nunu's!!!

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3537 5th Ave · San Diego, CA

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I'll be wearing cat ears!

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Just when you thought the Easter Bunny left and won't be back until next year--a terrible thing happened. A sushi restaurant mistook him for a furry tuna mutant fish that was no doubt a product of radio active fallout from the Fukushima Nuclear Power plant. He was not happy about being made into a furry tuna roll, and HE'S BAAACK to haunt us! So, before he takes his anger out out a bunch of innocent booze hounds...I say--let's have a party in his honor! Then he won't try to terrorize you every time you go out for sushi.

Please join us for Wacky Tuesday at Nunu's featuring Ultra CHEAP-O drinks, Jack Daniels burgers, plenty of chit-chat, shots and drunk dialing. It's our favorite place to invade every other month!

Our group usually gathers on the left side of the bar. (Turn to your LEFT when you walk in)

The locals love us, and end up merging with us! Join us for Cheap drinks! Cheap women! And Cheap DUDES!!! $2 domestic beer, $3 imports and well drinks! They also have some excellent Jack Daniels Burgers and bar food. The last time we were there we ruled the place...lets do it again people!!!

WEARGREEN if you want to honor Billy Bob-Patron Saint of Annoying Troublesome twin siblings who dont get as much attention as their famous sibling does.

[url=]Check out Nunu's website for photos, menu, specials and other tidbits![/url] If you've never been's a review! See you at Nunu's!

Kitty Martini, Your organizer

Never been to NUNU's???

Here's an article about the place By John Shore FOR SIGNONSANDIEGO

The young crowd is thrilled to have discovered such a cool and hip place; the local thespians are thrilled to have discovered a nightspot that makes them feel like they're still in a play ("Death of A Carpet Salesman"? "A Streetcar Named Buddy Hackett"?); the old-timers sit and sip and wonder what all the excitement is about. The exterior features fat, '60s-style plastic lettering painted in an appalling brown-and-orange color scheme that -- through some sort of bad, drug-induced national psychosis -- came to mark places the Rat Pack would find positively swingin'. Inside, Nunu's is cozy in that skewered way bars can be. The seats at the long and winding bar are hefty-load size, and the round booths lining the walls are made of button-riveted, industrial-strength naugahyde. There's a "gettin' it on in Tahoe" fireplace; mirrored walls; cheesy, faux-Tiffany hanging lamps; plastic ivy intertwined with (inexplicable) Christmas lights above the bar; and "wallpaper" made out of some bizzaro carpet material that manages to be at once utterly hideous and surprisingly inoffensive. Antique memorabilia here and there completes your smooth launch into the Twilight Zone of interior decor. So the place is old. So what? For the grizzled guardians of this hip, haute hang-out, Nunu's has always been good news.[/b][/color]