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Group Build Party I - Beginner Build

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You'll need to register and buy a kit on the Fab Lab meetup page.

The date has been pushed back a week because of issues with getting the kits in time after Chinese New Year.

After discussing with the other national DUG group leaders, we've figured out the basic configuration we will support for the SDDUG group builds and classes.

Soldering seemed to be a big hang up and slowed everything way down. What could have been assembled in 2 to 3 hours was taking 2 sessions of 4 hours each.

So with that in mind, we've put together an awesome setup that does most of the initial soldering for you and it's actually cheaper than if you bought the parts separately and probably does a better job. You still need to assemble and get your hands dirty but it more like a 2-3 hours thing. There will still be some soldering necessary but not 10 or more solder points with mission critical cargo. We've already bought and flown these with great success. This setup is super flexible and up-gradable.

Beginner Build

Full quadcopter build and includes build support, flight safety and training. Everything to get started including frame, flight controller, motors, escs, battery, wiring, charger, transmitter and receiver.

You'll need to register and buy a kit on the Fab Lab meetup page.