Drupal Gold Coast Monthly Meetup (Tokaido for local dev)

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Every 3rd Tuesday of the month

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If you're interested in Drupal or the web in general, if you're starting and want to know more or you're an expert, you are welcome, we'd love to have your vision. It's not only a good opportunity to learn something new technically, but to meet other people who are working with Drupal and interesting web ideas.

* Venue is sponsored by OntheNet (https://www.onthenet.com.au/)
* Pizza is sponsored by Tomato Elephant Studio (https://tomato-elephant-studio.com/)

Drupal Presentation I:
Topic: Tokaido
by: Mike Richardson
Tokaido is an automation platform for Drupal development on Mac. If you've used tools like Lando or DDev, it will be familiar but it goes much further than just providing a local environment.

In addition to spawning production-grade hosting environments using Docker, Tokaido automates daily dev tasks so you don't have to waste time doing it all yourself.

With Tokaido, it's fast and easy to:

- Launch new Drupal projects in a single command
- Start environments against existing projects
- Build and run test infrastructure with Nightwatch
- Create and restore local database snapshots
- Upgrade or downgrade PHP, MySQL, or MariaDB
- Enable or disable add-on services like Memcache, Solr, and Redis

In this talk, Mike Richardson, co-creator of Tokaido, will show us how easy Tokaido is to use and why it's worth making the switch.

If you have any presentations, lightning talks, or anything to do with Drupal or in conjunction with Drupal (eg web development) then please feel free to present.

Meeting Structure Guidelines

1) 1/2 hour: Around the table, everyone gives a very brief intro and says something interesting they've been working on/with/learnt in Drupal
2) 1/2 hour: Drupal News, what's been happening in Drupal land since our last meetup.
3) 1/2 hour: Ligntning talk / presentation / Drupal questions.
4) 1/2 hour: Picks - please think of some "picks" to share for people, it can be software, a trick you learnt, a product, some music, whatever you think people should check out.

I hope to see you all there!