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Drupal 8 Contrib Upgrade Sprint, March 29 2013

This Meetup is past

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Why come

Drupal 8 is just around the corner, but what about you're favourite modules, are they ready yet?

A lot of attention goes into ensure that Drupal is ready on time, but not nearly enough goes into ensuring Contrib gets the same attention. We'd like that to change.

Come along, pick a Drupal 7 module, and start the porting process.

Who it's for

Experience with code is a must as the goal is to get stuck into coding all day; Module developers, advanced site builders, etc.

What to expect

We'll kick things off with a brief introduction, and then we'll help match people with projects that are right for their skill levels and areas of interest.

What to bring

An interest in Drupal contribution

A laptop with a Drupal 8 development environment

How to get set up

Don't have your development environment yet? No problem!

You can join the #drupal-au IRC channel and we'll help you get set up before the day, or use the following resources to set up your development environment on your own. Here's what you'll need:

A local web server:

Community Tools Download Instructions ( (Mac or Windows)

Installing a web server on Ubuntu ( (Linux)

Git (install ( and configure (

A code-friendly text editor. (Sublime Text 2 ( is a free, cross-platform text editor.)
Here are some Drupal specific Sublime Text 2 setup instructions ( you can follow

Also recommended:

Drush (

Dreditor (

An IRC ( client.

Who you'll meet

Brian Gilbert (realityloop) (

Stuart Clark (Deciphered) (