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Drupal NYC Meetup @ 30 Rock - September 6th

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96 people went

NBCUniversal NYC Headquarters

30 Rockefeller Center · New York, NY

How to find us

Enter of 50th street entrance under the neon sign that says Rainbow Room/Observatory Deck. Then turn right & down the corridor on your left look for "NBC Guest Reception". You must bring your photo ID and your photo will be taken by security.

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Welcome to the Drupal NYC monthly meetup!

Please join us on Wednesday, September 6th for our monthly Meetup at 30 Rock for an evening of food/drinks, knowledge and friendship!

You must enter your real name on the RSVP question or your RSVP will be removed. Check-in opens at 6pm sharp, see you on September 6th!

• 6:00 - Check-in opens, socializing + pizza sponsored by NBCUniversal
• 6:30 - Announcements
• 6:45 - Who's hiring, who's looking?
• 6:50 - Presentations
• 8:20 - Closing Remarks, socializing + leftover pizza
• 8:45 - After party sponsored by Fastly @ Bill’s Bar & Burger (1 block north, 16 W. 51st St., accessible via Rockefeller Concourse) (


Contributing to Drupal 101 by Gergely Csonka

Contributing to Drupal is a great way to give back to the community and to raise your profile and value professionally. Contributing code to Drupal’s core, modules and themes is the most obvious way, but almost everything related to Drupal is done by volunteers and there are many ways non-coders can get involved too. Some of them you might have not thought of, but many of them you could easily do, and at least a few that you would definitely enjoy.

Gergely started his career as a full-time PHP developer in 2002. Four years - and far too many lines of custom code - later he finally realized that using a CMS isn’t only for losers after all, and evaluated a few solutions. He chose the new and shiny Drupal 4.7 purely for technical reasons, but after getting involved with the community he knew he had truly made the best possible choice. In 2012 Gergely co-founded Cheppers, the company that has become one of the leading Drupal shops in Central Europe, and he recently moved to New York City to build a branch in the USA.


Creating and Rerolling Patches by Chloe Lee

This lightning talk will go over the basics of what a patch is and a walkthrough of how to create a patch and rerolling a patch to contribute to the larger Drupal community.

Chloe Lee is a Software Engineer at, the largest organization for young people and social change. Prior to this, Chloe was on's marketing team for four years. Chloe became fascinated by her coworkers on the tech team and started to learn code on her own. A few months later, in effort to support women in tech, made all her dreams come true by sending her to the Flatiron School (code bootcamp) and return as an engineer! In her free time, Chloe enjoys home goods shopping, cooking, and eating anything with buffalo sauce on it.


What is Coming in Drupal 8.4 by Eric Sod

For Drupal 8, releases are scheduled approximately every six months.

Current Development Cycle

• Week of July 31, 2017: 8.4.0-alpha1 released and 8.5.x-dev opened.

• Week of August 14, 2017: 8.4.0-beta1 released.

• Week of September 4, 2017: 8.4.0-rc1 released. Final patch release window for 8.3.x (criticals only).

• September 20, 2017: Final security release window for 8.3.x.

• October 4, 2017: 8.4.0 released.

In this talk we will look at new or updated features and look at media in Drupal 8.4. We’ll review the status of experimental modules and preview some of the new functionality coming to Drupal web sites.


Eric started his career in typesetting. He has also worked as a graphic designer, a desktop support engineer, a technologist in print management, a desktop software developer, and finally, a software engineer in web technologies. Currently Eric is a Senior Drupal developer with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center where he works on a large Drupal 8 web site. Eric spends his workdays doing module development and attending to everything required to run an enterprise level web site.


I am serious - and don't call me Shurly! by Jeff Markel

This lightning talk will cover the basics of setting up a URL shortener service, using the shURLy module. This module can be used to quickly and easily set up and administer a URL shortener like (, (, or ( While there are many such public shorteners out there, creating one for specific company use - for example, for use within the bounds of a company intranet - can be very useful.

Jeff Markel is an IT Manager and Software Architect at Johnson & Johnson. He's been a working software developer since 1980, starting out at IBM on VM/370 - the first commercial Virtual Machine operating system, written in assembly language. Since then he's been a Java programmer in the financial services and warehousing/logistics industries, a C and C++ developer creating embedded databases, full-text search engines, and interactive voice response systems, a developer and the first Webmaster for one of the first commercial websites in the world - Astranet - in 1995 and, starting back in Drupal 4.7 days, a Drupal developer for many companies, from one-person shops to worldwide enterprises. Jeff has learned far too many programming languages over the last 40 years, and forgotten almost all of them. APL, anyone?


A Dozen D8 Modules by Shawn Duncan

I’ll give an overview of a dozen contributed modules plus two core modules which together enable a beginner to build a very full featured site:

• block_visibility_groups (

• config_split (

• easy_breadcrumb (

• media_entity_image (

• field_formatter (

• paragraphs (

• pathauto (

• focal_point (

• inline_entity_form (

• media_entity_browser (

• page_manager (

• viewsreference (

• Reference Fields (

• Responsive image styles (

Shawn has been developing solutions with Drupal since 2009 and is an active member of the DruapalNYC community. He is married and has two young adult daughters. He and his family are proud residents of Brooklyn, New York, the ">global definition ( of "renaissance and success." He is also an active contributor to Drupal, both through contributed modules and bug fixes to core. Outside of Drupal, Shawn is an ordained priest in the Episcopal Church. He enjoys computer gaming, and recently began learning to fly fish.


Reading Between the Swim Lanes: How to Optimize Your Development Workflow with a Kanban by Jody Hamilton

When your product is bespoke software, a lot of process decisions are naturally case-by-case. Nonetheless, you can get valuable insight from visualizing each feature request's path to deployment as an assembly line that can be optimized.

Jody is a full stack Drupal expert. She does technical architecture, strategy, development, consulting, and developer training. Jody has worked on hundreds of Drupal projects since she began as a freelancer in 2006 and co-founded Zivtech in 2008. Jody grew up in the Philadelphia area and graduated from Harvey Mudd College in California in 2000.