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Introducing Harold Saxon: TERROR OF THE AUTONS

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Details"I am usually referred to as the Master...."

1971 was a very notable year for the classic run of Doctor Who, bringing a revisit withan old enemy (the Autons), a new companion (Jo Grant), and more importantly....the introductionof the Doctor's rival Time Lord and arch-nemesis, the Master (as portrayed by Roger Delgado).

Written by Robert Holmes, you might consider Terror of the Autons to be a bit of a retread of Spearhead from Space....but we've listed enough differing factors to distinguish it from the former story. It's also a story that is very much "of its time", focusing on the recurrent presence of plastics in then-contemporary life (it was the 1970s, after all), and the amount of CSO (or "early green screen") really makes it look a bit ragged. (It's also abit difficult to believe that some scenes caused an uproar). But this is a story that reallylaid much of the groundwork for Who - not just in establishing the UNIT family, butalso creating a recurring threat that wasn't spelled D-A-L-E-K.

So please join us for our July screening - you'll be pleasantly surprised. This is one of the hiddengems of classic Who, and we think you'll really enjoy it.