Past Meetup

Collaborative Fiction IV: The 50th Anniversary Challenge

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So fellow time-travelers, the time has come to embark on another Creative Project. I did not realize looking back at our calendar that it had been so long since the last one we did.

Just a brief overview of our Collaborative Fiction projects in the past:

I ) 2008 - Plot Elements and Sci Fi Tropes written in teams of four and sealed in envelopes. Volunteer Writer penned a script that includes the elements. 10th Doctor and Martha story by Member Joshua

II ) 2009 Torchwood Edition by Heather: Similar set up, but with brilliant pre- and post-watershed chapters brilliantly read aloud by Heather and her Husband in live performance.

III) 2010 - Group submitted 75 "dialogue lines" that you might hear in an episode of Dr. Who. Elizabeth and Jack wove the lines into their independent stories. Read aloud at post banquet party.

So what will the 50th Anniversary Challenge bring forth? Find out live on Wednesday the 11th at North Hills Panera at 7 PM. We will have some time to grab some dinner, jot down ideas in response to the challenge and also unveil the guinea pig(s) for this year's story!

I can hint for you now that the tone of this year's Collaborative Fiction will be very similar to the last one we did, but with a cool twist. It will involve many people creating a small amounts of text that are woven into a bigger story.

If you cannot make the dinner, we will be announcing the Challenge online, and we will start accepting group submissions immediately over Email!

This is a cool activity that we have had a lot of fun with over the years, hope you can come and bring a fresh spin on this new version!

See you there!