Past Meetup

50th Anniversary Timey-Wimey Count Up/Down ** Ninth Doctor **


Our quest to watch a story from a different Doctor every month continues until we reach November and Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary!

About the Event!

We will be firing up the grille for this one, so we will be providing standard cook-out fare. Please, you are invited to provision a side-dish that we can serve.

We are voting on which story to screen at this event, you can vote on the chosen stories in the polls section.

We will run more than one story tonight, and will probably run until 8 pm or slightly later.

About the Ninth Doctor!

"I think it's more important to be your own man than be successful, so I left. But the most important thing is that I did it, not that I left. I really feel that, because it kind of broke the mould and it helped to reinvent it." - Christopher Eccleston

It was announced that Eccleston was to play the ninth incarnation ( of the Doctor in the revival of the legendary BBC science fiction television series, which started airing in March 2005. The series executive producer and writer ( Russell T Davies has said that Eccleston was always the first choice for the part. Despite this, the tabloid press ran reports that Bill Nighy had been offered the role first, but declined (and in the 2005 documentary series Doctor Who Confidential, Davies said that he "wouldn't have thought Chris [Eccleston] would be interested").

Eccleston has the distinction of being the first actor to play the Doctor who was actually born after the start of the original television series; he was born two weeks after the famous first Dalek story was originally broadcast in the UK.

Eccleston stated in April 2004 that he did not believe his Doctor would be "as eccentric and as foppish as he was in some of his incarnations". Russell T Davies characterised the character as a "stripped down" version of previous Doctors. Regarding the Ninth Doctor's less eccentric character, Davies stated: "He travels in time and space, he's got two hearts, he's a Time Lord — that's eccentric enough to be getting on with". In contrast with previous Doctors, the Ninth Doctor speaks with a distinct Northern accent. Remarking on this aspect of his characterisation Eccleston states that the character "is a scientist and an intellectual, and a lot of people seem to think you can only be those things if you speak with received pronunciation ( which, of course, is rubbish." In regards to the Doctor's costume, consisting of a black leather jacket and jeans, the actor states, "I didn't want the costume to be my performance" and that "I wanted any flamboyance and colour to come out of my acting." Eccleston thought that as the Doctor he should show a "slight dark side" but also bring out a lighter side. Executive producer Julie Gardner observed that the Ninth Doctor gave Eccleston the chance to be "very intense but also frivolous as well."