Past Meetup

Watch the Dr. Who Series 8 Premiere!


Peter Capaldi is about to make his debut as the Doctor in the Series 8 Premiere: Deep Breath. An epic villain from Series 2 make a sinister return, as well as an emotional cameo appearance from a special guest.

Since 1983, Milton's Pizza and Pasta has been a legendary pit stop for hungry guests, and we are thrilled to add this location to our line up. They have a splendid semicircular room that is perfect for episode watching, and there isn't a bad seat anywhere in the house.

I am making final arrangement's with our host regarding our menu, but we are setting this up in anticipation of pizza/pasta/salad buffet. We know there are many specific needs and we are building a special limited menu to accommodate that as well.

There is a group ahead of us, as we have often encountered, so if they are still clearing out when we arrive, TPTB are aware that we need to move in to the space.

AS usual, we will have the potential door-prize and table activities. If you are new to us, this is a great opportunity to meet some new Whovian friends!

See you there!