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Dubai dbt Meetup (in-person)

Photo of Dina Mohammad-Laity
Hosted By
Dina M.


dbt Meetups are gatherings dedicated to helping you own your analytics engineering workflow. Events will focus on the impact of dbt in the data community and professional development tools for analytics engineers.

Expect big-picture conversations related to the data stacks, data operations, data teams, modelling, testing, dashboards, etc.

If you work with data, this group is for you! We welcome data analysts, scientists, engineers, architects, and more!

🤝 Organizer: Dina Mohammad-Laity
🏠 Venue: Cander, 2205 AA1 Tower, Mazaya Business Avenue - Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai

Agenda & Speakers

7pm - Arrival & social
7.30pm - "The Data Journey at Moove - from where we started to where we are now" - Ahmed Ateeq, Senior Data Manager @ Moove
8pm - "GenerativeAI/LLM usage for Data Engineering and Analytics" - Sathy Sannasi, Freelance Data Engineer
8.30pm - "Analytics Enablement" - Sona Saha Das, Regional Data Leader
9pm - Social

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dbt is a data transformation framework that lets analysts and engineers collaborate using their shared knowledge of SQL. Through the application of software engineering best practices like modularity, version control, testing, and documentation, dbt’s analytics engineering workflow helps teams work more efficiently to produce data the entire organization can trust.

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Dubai dbt Meetup
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