Dublin Marathon Training - Group 3 circa 4:30hrs finish

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Saturday's run will be 19.3km (12 miles) this week.

All the long & hard runs have been completed, its less mileage this week with us doing an easy 19k. Suggested route is
https://www.mapmyrun.com/routes/fullscreen/1905903155/ where each group can decide to run on grass as much as possible.

If have secured a number for the DCM on 27th Oct and your goal is to run Close To or a Sub 4:30hrs marathon (equates to a Race Day Pace of 6:20mins/km, a Sat Long Run Pace of 5:50 - 6:35mins/km) join Group 3 for your weekly Saturday Long Runs. Be realistic with your abilities on pace, and be capable of running a marathon well under 5hrs. Hopefully you will be able to run at the Groups pace & you don't get left behind as the whole idea of the Long Run is to run with a group.
The focus of the group is to run together with similar like minded runners, build up distance & have people to make the long runs seem less painful. I'll have a specific training schedule every Saturday. Depending on the distance for the run we'll have different starting times (starting time getting earlier as the distance increases) We'll always try to be back to join the other Dublin Runners Groups for coffee/cake in the Visitor Centre Cafe after our run around 11am.

A few people have agreed/volunteered to act as Host(s) for Group 3 but if you attend regularly there is no harm in rotating the job amongest several people which means looking at the route beforehand and putting out the water for your group in advance & collecting the bottles afterwards (to re-use again the following week) as i'll be running with Group 1 each Saturday.

Meet every Saturday at the Visitors Centre car park in the Phoenix Park for a long run.

Looking forward to seeing you, mail me if you have any questions.
Thank you,