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What we’re about

Do you like to masturbate? Do you masturbate a lot, sometimes multiple times a day? Do you like to masturbate a lot, sometimes multiple times a day?

If you answered ‘YES’ (better yet, F**K YES!) to any or all of these questions, then you’ll be a perfect fit for Duke City Jacks! Duke City Jacks is a BODY POSITIVE, ALL MALE group dedicated to MASTURBATION ONLY. Yes, I said MASTURBATION ONLY. Think about it: masturbation is safe, it doesn’t hurt anyone and it feels f**king AMAZING! When I say body positive, I mean that men of all ages, shapes, sizes, sexual orientations, and home situations are welcome at our events; for guys like me, discretion is a MUST and will be 100% GUARANTEED when attending our events.

The goal of Duke City Jacks is to hold regular group masturbation events in a “no judgment zone” (sorry, Planet Fitness!). Another goal of Duke City Jacks is to promote group masturbation. Masturbating alone can be rewarding, but in a group setting, it’s even more rewarding to watch others pleasuring themselves; at least that’s my take on it (I LOVE to watch guys masturbate!). I’m also trying to help develop friendships through masturbation (as odd as that sounds) at a primal level. That’s part of the reason why there is a ‘no clothing allowed’ rule at group meetings. :-)

This group has been around since 2016, existing for the guys who are totally committed to the masturbation only cause. I’m totally committed to it; I love to stroke and give attention to my penis and I know that there are others in the Duke City and Land of Enchantment who feel the same way. So, if you aren’t committed to the masturbation only cause for any reason, I respectfully ask that you don’t contact me.

If you have questions about the group, please don't hesitate to message me or visit the Duke City Jacks website.