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What we’re about

First off, kudos to you for taking this first step in meeting new people. Showing up to an event with a bunch of strangers can be scary. Luckily for you, we’ve all been there. This groups been open for about a year and some amazing best friendships have been formed. Just remember one thing... Every friend was once a stranger. We look forward to meeting you, but you have to show up first. 😊

This is a group for young professional women living in Durham looking to make friends while exploring this city we love so much. I had noticed that there were some similar groups in Raleigh/ CH but who wants to drive that far? So I decided to start my own Meetup! I took everything I loved about the other groups, combined them, removed the strict rules, and added a Durham Bull Twist. The idea is to have 4-8 events a month with all of the events being in Durham. This groups perfect for you if you’re interested in things like dinners at Dashi, bubbly at Brunch, cooking classes at Sur La Table, craft classes at local breweries, volunteer days at local shelters, makers markets, Beers at the Bulls games, and trying out all of those new restaurants you’ve been dying to go to. This is a free group so try to be mindful and rsvp in a timely fashion. Be sure to let us know if you’re unable to make it to something. No backlash, no drama. Just be considerate because no body likes a flake but everyone gets it. Can’t make it last minute because the work week has crushed your soul and you need extra sleep? No big, we get it. Just let us know so we aren’t waiting for you while you’re chilling with Netflix. Hopefully though, you’ll have so much fun that no amount of work load or sleep loss will keep you from brunch with cool new people. The only exception to this you do you policy is volunteer days. If you say you’re coming pleasssse show up, volunteering is an amazing way to contribute to our community and we really can’t be flakey when it comes to people/ animals in need. I’m so glad you’ve taken the time to read over this and join our group. I look forward to seeing you soon!