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Launching a new portal for the Decentralized Web

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Launching a new portal for the Decentralized Web


At our next DWeb Meetup, we'll unveil a new portal for events and resources for the DWeb community, plus our first DWeb Principles.
Hop Onboard the DWeb via our new website:

Get the link to the online event by registering via Eventbrite:

At our February DWeb Meetup, our Jolocom designer Iryna will take you on a tour of the new website and the design concepts that support it.

Then John Ryan and Mai Ishikawa Sutton from DWebSF node will share the first public version of the Principles of the DWeb, developed in consultation with dozens of community members. You'll have a chance to debate, discuss and dive in to these principles in small groups. These DWeb Principles are a starting point, not an end point--open for iteration.

Then we'll head over to for some casual networking and socializing.

Come join us for some visual and values-driven inspiration!

DWeb node times:
SF/Seattle: 10:00 AM / Phoenix: 11 AM/ Austin: Noon / Boston: 1 PM / Sao Paulo: 3 PM / London: 6 PM / Prague-Berlin: 7 PM / Perm: 11 PM / Shanghai: 2 AM next day / Sydney: 5AM next day / Auckland 7 AM next day

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