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9. eBay Tech Talk: Lean and Rapid Usability Testing in Agile Teams

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At the 9th ebay tech talk in Berlin there are going to be two
presentations, 30 minutes each:

Lean - Do-It-Yourself Usability Testing­
Olaf Zschiedrich, ebay Kleinanzeigen (

Agile practices, lean thinking and the ideas of a learning, fast
responding organization are becoming popular and are highly adopted within our industry. All kinds of practices like scrum, kanban, continuous delivery/deployment or test automation are implemented. All with the goal to quicker deliver valuable software to our end users. Strangely most of us do not run regular usability tests in order to get feedback on the latest product developments. Most often the argument is that usability
testing is expensive and time consuming. But this does not need to be the case if you do it yourself. We at eBay Kleinanzeigen started to in-house usability testing and want to share our approach and first learnings with you.

Olaf joined eBay 6 years ago. Within eBay he worked for and Kijiji before becoming CTO of eBay Kleinanzeigen. He has a passion for agile software development and lean practices with the goal to quickly deliver valuable software to end-users.

Rapid Usability Testing ­- Introducing Café Tests to Product Development ­
Maximilian Wambach,

At we deal with a fast moving environment and limited UX research resources. Nevertheless we want to deliver usable products that our costumers love. We therefore decided to introduce so called Café Tests (Guerilla Testing) to our product development process as they are supposed to bring valuable user feedback quicker and less costs.
This talk will give deeper insights to the method and provide an overview about mobile.de¹s learnings and results based on two different Café test that were conducted during the last two months. The tests differed in fidelity of the testing artifact, the location and the phase in the product development cycle. It tries to answer the question why you should use Café testing, when the usage of the method is appropriate and what you can expect from it.

Maximilian has joined 5 month ago as Interaction Architect for mobile.de¹s consumer products. Next to working closely with the product and development team he loves to be experimental with different research methods to get costumer feedback as early and easy as possible.