What we're about

COVID or Financial challenges have gripped everyone and our lives has changed directly or indirectly. Economically and Socially, we are forced to innovate or adapt to these major shifts in the Eco-system.

Challenging times like this, provides golden opportunity to create & build businesses as challenges in the external environment is faced equally regardless big or small business. Creativity & Innovation will be the key to success.

We coach you with our Success Blueprint so that you can journey through the next 5 years (recessionary time 2020 -2025) confidently, generating an average 26.8% return annually and compounded 5 years to achieve 228% ROI on your initial investment

The Success Blueprint is developed and fine-tune over 2 decades of research and testing into a simple, easy to understand system that you can learn and execute within a month.

Who is this group for?

1. Aspiring entrepreneurs, employed, unemployed, fresh graduates or retirees who wish to start a successful business during this short window of opportunity time
2. Willing to learn and acquire “recession-proof” skill and apply the concept to create 2% ROI every month with an objective of achieving 26.8% compounded annualized return
3. Investment traders can explore this new way to trading with low risk, consistent return strategy to complement your existing strategies
4. This is not a get rich quick scheme or MLM business. It requires persistent and diligence to master a skill in 10,000hrs.
5. You only need 30mins or less in a day to manage this business
6. Please note that this group does not support any unsolicited business/program as we only have one goal and objective, i.e.: serious individuals willing and wanting to change their lifestyle for better

What are the requirements?

1. Not colour blind
2. Simple mathematical computation ability
3. Strong logical & analytical skill
4. Strong desire to seek success and achieve financial abundance
5. Disciplined and diligent

What will you get out of this network?

• Learn & Execute a 5-year Success Blueprint that will gradually and consistently build financial abundance
• Join our telegram group to get our latest updates: http:// t.me/ElectronicMoneyBusiness

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Electronic Money Business Talk over Coffee

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