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Greetings Heroes!

Esports Heroes is a global organization of gamers who care deeply about the growing world of electronic sports.

Over the last decade, online gaming has become a staple of modern life. Professional gaming has exploded in popularity and it's now the fastest growing entertainment genre among millennials and Generation Z. Our goal is to accelerate the advent of pro gaming as a viable and sustainable career path.

Esports Heroes of NYC is the original ESH chapter. We are an ambitious group of like minded entrepreneurs who care deeply about the advancement of this industry and want to help spearhead this movement to make Esports synonymous with traditional sports.

If you are interested in competing in tournaments, making new friends, forging professional relationships, and becoming part of this exciting nascent industry then feel free to join.

Members are eligible for the following events: Tournaments / LAN Events - Hearthstone Fireside Gatherings - Industry Trade Shows - Challenge A Pro Events - Impromptu Gaming Sessions - Domestic / International Field Trips - Food & Fellowship.

Currently supported titles include: Hearthstone - Overwatch - CS:GO - Call of Duty - Heroes of the Storm - PUBG - Dota 2 - League of Legends - Super Smash Bros Melee/4 - Street Fighter V - Rocket League

If you are interested in advertising your own eSports event in this group please contact Chris G.

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Smash Ultimate $500 Hitpoint Tournament

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Dota $500 Battle for NYC Tournament

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Smash Ultimate $500 Hitpoint Tournament

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