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At eWomenNetwork, we live by the philosophy of “give first, share always and lift as you climb.” Imagine being part of a sisterhood of entrepreneurial women who are not only committed to success in business but who are just as excited about your wins.

As a proud Angeleno, I have seen Los Angeles County continually innovate and evolve over the years. Yet never before have there been so many opportunities and initiatives designed to support women in business. I have built my own business around helping women entrepreneurs achieve success. And I am committed to creating an environment within the eWomenNetwork Los Angeles Chapter that promotes success as well—through connection, community, and collaboration.

If you want to grow your business, I invite you to join our next Accelerated Networking Event at AVO Cafe in Santa Monica. You will promote your business while building rich relationships with other talented and caring professionals. And you will leave inspired and motivated to take massive action.

xo Jessica Reveles | Managing Director

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How to Show Up Powerfully on Stage and Connect w/ Your Audience

Whether you’re brand new or a seasoned pro speaking on stage, delivering sales pitches, booking speaking engagements, or working one-on-one with your clients, your visual elements must enrich your overall presentation. Terica will share the five vital components you need to maximize your impact and connection with the audience. People buy emotion, not words. I’ll be sharing how to create presentations designed to WOW the audience and evoke the desired emotions. We’ll discuss the 5 vital components for every presentation: 1--Less is more 2--Colors 3--Images 4--Text 5--Branding

What is the Core of Personal Development.. ? Confidence

Popular influencer and entrepreneur, also known as "Justin Timbershake," will motivate and inspire you to tap into your inner confidence. About this Event Is there something in you that's saying, "I'm not a quitter." Is there something in you that's saying, "there's more to life than where I am." Is there something in you that's saying, "I've got the will to make it happen, no matter what it takes." You have to lead yourself before you can lead others and the quality of your life is the quality of your communication with yourself. We will be reviewing the key inner essentials and rituals to create and maintain the leader in you. I look forward to being of value and contribution to you and your future self!

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