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Earth Sky Dance is an opportunity to dance from the inside out. To be present to what you feel, and to move with it. It doesn't matter what it looks like, or how technically able you are. That's not the point. It's a Journey of Self-exploration through movement, shifting and changing in form. And you work with where you're at. There are no steps to get right or wrong. It's your own Creative Process. Direct Experience. Engagement with Self, however you are.

So what do we do? We arrive, warm up, and dance through a cycle of varied music that lasts about one hour and a half. Grounding, expressing, releasing and integrating. It is a practise of being true to our own inner impulses to move, without forcing or holding back. Guidance is offered, but essentially it's about coming back to your Self. Your own inner direction. Self-inquiry, expressed.

The invitation is to allow yourself to move how you feel. To notice, and to go with what you notice. To be Present to that. To face all aspects of your Self in the Dance, as they arise and fall away.

It's called Earth Sky Dance, because we are the meeting point between the Earth and the Sky. The meeting point of Spirit and matter, where everything is animated and everything moves. Pure Essence and experience. It's a yoga of self-inquiry, and uniting the two as One. One Dance. Life. Herenow in us.

Letting all these words fall away in movement, we simply are, where we are... and that is enough. It is what it is and it is what you bring to it.

You are very welcome! For all, 16+ advised, wear loose clothing, layers, and bring water.

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