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What we’re about

Purpose - To build a community of language lovers, specifically for Spanish-English conversation; to provide a safe and structured space for language learning, acquisition, and retention; to harbor new friendships

Who should join - Anyone wanting to advance their Spanish! Keep in mind this will be conversational practice and some foundational knowledge will be helpful, but I encourage anyone interested in joining. Beginners can look at this as an opportunity to grow, meet study partners, etc., but we will be practicing our speaking and not focusing on the basics. This will be a judgment free zone.

What will we do at these events - There will be a variety of topics to discuss, but mainly we are here to learn and share together! This can expand, of course, into other activities together as the community builds. For example, to patron local businesses (especially in the latinx world to further Spanish skills), go to the park, watch movies, visit markets, etc.