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Java at Scale: What Works and What Doesn’t Work Nearly So Well

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Java gets used everywhere and for everything, a reality that can be explained by its efficiency, its portability, the productivity it offers developers, and the platform it provides for application frameworks and non-Java languages. But all is not perfect; developers struggle against Java's greatest strength: its memory management. We'll talk about where Java needs help, the challenges it presents developers who need to provide reliable performance, the reasons those challenges exist, and how developers work around them. And we'll take a little time to talk about Azul Systems, its history of tackling Java scale issues and how it addresses the mismatch between Java and big data.


Hank Shiffman is a Product Marketing Manager at Azul Systems. In addition to his responsibilities as Product Manager for the Zing JVM and the associated Zing Vision monitoring product, he contributes his expertise to the Marketing department, including helping to craft and tell our story to enthusiastic audiences.

Hank has a long history explaining and helping developers to make best use of software technologies. He started on minicomputers in the late 70s, moved briefly to Lisp Machines in the 80s, and then settled into Unix-based workstations and servers. He wrote extensively about development languages and tools for Sun and SGI, and then evangelized Java for both embedded and large scale grid computing applications. He has a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Rochester Institute of Technology, a fact not overlooked by the Alumni Association during donation drives.