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This group is for people to connect with Asian culture and enjoy Asian cuisine in the area. Whether you just moved here and are looking to make new friends or if you have been here your whole life, this group is for you!

We will post events that we like doing like dinner, lunch, happy hours, movies, clubs, pot lucks, house parties, game nights, trips to nearby attractions, and anything else that sounds good!

We will post events throughout the Greater Seattle Area. However, since this group is based on the Eastside, this group will focus mainly on events and venues on the Eastside.

If that all sounds good to you, hit the JOIN button, spread the word, and lets do more fun things in this awesome city!


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Please note some additional group rules...

Mandatory RSVP Policy: This group has a mandatory RSVP policy. You MUST have a confirmed "Going" or "Yes" spot in order to attend an event.

Prohibition on Event Crashing: Here, “Event Crashing” means attending a meetup event without a reserved "Going" or "Yes" RSVP spot. People who attend a meetup without a reserved RSVP spot may be turned away at the Organizer’s or Event Host’s sole discretion. Event Crashing complicates matters for the Event Host, the attendees, and is not fair to those who may be waitlisted and wanted to attend the event. Event Crashing is highly inconsiderate and Event Crashers may be removed or banned from the group at the Organizer’s sole discretion.

No Show Policy: Anybody who RSVP’s as coming (with a reserved "Going" or "Yes" spot to an event) who then completely misses that event will be marked as a no show. Any member that repeatedly no shows may be removed or banned from the group at the Organizer's sole discretion.

Prohibition on Toxic Behavior: After admission you may be REMOVED OR BANNED at any time for engaging in Toxic Behavior, if past Toxic Behavior is discovered, group rule violations, or for any other reason the Organizer (in their sole discretion) deems to be negative behavior. Toxic Behavior is herein defined as: (1) Mean or offensive acts or statements; (2) Harassment or sexual harassment; (3) Reckless or intentional conduct resulting in physical harm or property damage to another; (4) Any other dangerous, violent, destructive, abusive, or malicious conduct; or (5) Any criminal or illegal behavior.

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