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Close to 1.5 mile distance for each interval

We warm-up with some easy spinning and climbing. Then, we start the work interval by climbing from the right turn at the sign to "T.V. Towers." At the top, we recover, hydrate and re-group, before starting the next interval.

Each interval will last anywhere from 3 to 8 minutes depending on your climbing speed. The rest between work intervals varies according to your taste.

I expect to do 7 such intervals using different gears in a pyramid to build power and strength. Here is an example of pyramid intervals:

1st interval: Gearing is 39x26
2nd interval: Gearing is 39x23
3rd interval: Gearing is 39x23
4th interval: Gearing is 39x21
5th interval: Gearing is 39x23
6th interval: Gearing is 39x23
7th interval: Gearing is 39x26

You can adjust the interval length, number of intervals, recovery period and gearing as you see fit. It's all about what you feel your body can handle.

This is a hard workout focused on building strength, power, pedaling smoothness and fitness for climbing. The benefit of such a hard workout is that it does not have to be a long day on the bike. We can start later, and end earlier. :-)

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