What we're about

I've set up this group because I'm on a journey exploring sustainable food. I want to eat in a way that isn't harmful to the planet but sometimes the more I look into the more confusing it seems to be! I'd like to meet like-minded people who are interested in coming along to events and sharing knowledge.

I have also set up a new business called Third Space Canteen which aims to help people to eat better. For me this means, eating together, eating sustainable, ethical food and eating a balanced diet. We run Supper Clubs as a way of getting started and I would like to promote these in the group as well. Here is a bit more about Third Space Canteen and a link to the website:

"Wish it were simple to eat in a way that supports our planet? Then join Third Space Canteen's supper clubs and find how we want to promote sustainable food and make eating well (in every sense!) the new normal. We have guest speakers at our events so you can be sure of some interesting discussions around food and environmental matters. Plus, the food is really good. Usually vegetarian and made from seasonal, local ingredients."


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