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Learn Self Muscle Testing that Works July 28th!

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I have had so many requests to teach self muscle testing again, I have scheduled another class!! I use this everyday and it helps me in every way!

Learn Self-Muscle Testing and how to Communicate with

your higher self and subconscious mind!

I have been using self-muscle testing for about 4 years now. I can't imagine not having this tool! I find the pendulum can be influenced too much by our thoughts. But when we use our body directlly, when done correctly is a life-changing tool!

Anyone can learn how to self-muscle test!

I use self-muscle testing everyday for:

Asking what my body what it wants to eat Asking what supplements it wants Asking my higher self what courses to take Asking what trips to go on (or not) Receiving messages from my higher self Answers regarding health, finances, relationships Anything else I want to know I can communicate quickly with my higher self by muscle testing and I get clarity about what to do, where I need to be and who I need to connect with, or not.

I learned self-muscle testing through psych-k and from several books and know exactly how to do it now!

Many find they can't seem to do it, that's because they are missing pieces.

I will teach you from A to Z how to use this tool and we will practice together as a group learning to ask our higher self and subconscious mind questions!

I'm excited about passing on this tool that has changed my life.

Please come out and join us, I would love to meet you!

This will be a fun-filled life-changing event.

I'm looking forward to seeing all of you!

Note: please wear no perfumes/hairsprays/colognes etc. due to sensitivity!

This meetup is on other meetups and is very full, we have space for a few more only.

Bring paper/pen/water

Annett Reiki Master, Hypnotherapist

403 289-0959

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