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What we’re about

                                                          WELCOME! LET'S DANCE!

Welcome! Let's get together and dance! Come join us for a great dance exercise meetup outdoors in the beautiful park! Get a great dance workout and enjoy dancing to current top pop, hip hop, and top world dance music. 

Women and moms of all skill levels are welcome to bring their children and babies and enjoy dancing together, and women and moms are also welcome to come and enjoy participating independently as well!  Adults and children alike are encouraged to have a great time, and are even welcome to sing along to their favorite songs while they dance, if so inspired.  We will have a wonderful opportunity to enjoy moving, dancing, and growing with others in a dynamic supportive environment, that is life enhancing and energizing!   

Don't forget to bring a yoga mat or towel/blanket, since the dance exercise warm-up and cool down will also include some dance stretching and yoga stretching postures with meditative breathing, to help energize and enhance one's overall state of relaxation and well-being.

So let's get dancing and enjoy all the benefits of dance, while having fun developing our artistic expression and talent. We will have a great time creating a fun supportive community environment for all, celebrating the arts, and connecting and exercising together through movement and dance!