Within Reach showing/(un)common dinner/fundraiser for PLACE (E'Ville/N. Oak)

a PLACE for sustainable living

1121 64th St. (just West of San Pablo) · Oakland, CA

How to find us

Come on in, be sure to close the gate behind you so Ginger doesn't get out.

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“This is a magnificently subversive film. If you’re 100% sure you’ve got all you want right now...don’t watch it! - Bill McKibben, founder 350.org (http://350.org/)

Come for a meal in community, the movie and filmmaker conversation and tea, or both.

A benefit for EBCOHO's partner group, a PLACE for Sustainable Living

Optionally including a vegan (un)common meal together in community beforehand, lovingly prepared by community members.

6:30-7:30 dinner

7:45 intro (arrive by this time for the movie)

8:00 film rolls

9:30-10 pm Q&A

WITHIN REACH explores one couple's pedal-powered search for a place to call home. Mandy and Ryan gave up their jobs, cars and traditional houses to "bikepack" 6,500 miles for nearly 2 years around the USA seeking sustainable community.

Rather than looking in a traditional neighborhood, they begin to recognize that community is the secret ingredient to living sustainably on this planet. Along the way, they explored 100 Ecovillages, Cohousing Communities, Co-op Houses, Communes, Transition Towns and their own principles and commitment. In the end they return to the timeless truth that community is people; they are everywhere; and there is room for everyone.

Communities they explored include: The Establishment Co-op, Regen Coops, LA Ecovillage, Sonora Cohousing, Transition Alpine TX, The Farm, Earthaven Ecovillage, Cobb Hill Cohousing, Ecovillage at Ithaca, Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage, Possibility Alliance, Joyful Path Meditation and Healing Center, Greensburg GreenTown and Hummingbird Community.

Both their journey and their film have answered the question that they and many others are asking: How can we pass along a lush, beautiful, sustainable world to future generations? After circling the country and interviewing hundreds of Americans, they have found that by reaching within, sustainable community is Within Reach. In fact, it’s already here.

Film Trailer (https://go.madmimi.com/redirects/1366741579-7b36e32b4735c1aa2ea9c45eb64be2a8-62be6e6?pa=413728033160003629)
Film Website (https://go.madmimi.com/redirects/1366741579-a861b44c2c5c1ba3eb72d733d42b8777-62be6e6?pa=413728033160003629)

Come for just the movie for $12,

Speaker Biography

Mandy Creighton – Cyclist and Executive Producer
After bicycling 6,500 miles around the US to visit 100 sustainable communities over several years, Mandy now resides at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage where she is co-producing the Within Reach documentary.

In addition she supports communities and individuals making the transition toward more sustainable and joyful living, and she is cocreating a small hand-built home out of local and sustainable materials, growing a garden and continuing to cycle whenever possible

Raines Cohen - Associate Producer and Cohousing Coach
Cohousing California regional organizer Raines Cohen joined the film team for some small parts of the journey, and connected them to the larger intentional communities movement, making key introductions and providing the "talking tandem" bicycar "cohousing coach" seen in the movie. He has visited over 100 US cohousing neighborhoods, lived in two, and advised many.

Cohousing California
Cohousing California helps people find, build and grow intentional neighborhoods throughout the Golden State. With over 2000 members in the East Bay alone, we believe that everybody deserves a chance at living in a sustainable community. We love to host workshops, movies, classes, tours, study groups and conferences to show you the ways to get there, and provide personalized and group coaching and training in person and online. http://www.CalCoho.org/

Within Reach is not available yet on individual DVD or for viewing online. The film is available for group screenings with kits designed to help you promote community. Come get yours at the showings listed here or order on the film's website. The flm will screen Thursday night in North Oakland/Berkeley as a fundraiser, Friday night in Marin, Sunday afternoon at the New Parkway in Oakland's Uptown neighborhood, and Sunday evening in Petaluma, with May screenings in the North Bay, Sacramento/Davis area, Grass Valley/Nevada City, and beyond. Tell your friends to go catch it, see the complete schedule at: