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Laytonville Ecovillage:Small-town NorCal sustainable community (Oakland)

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Come learn about EBCOHO Supporting Member Group Laytonville Ecovillage (, an emerging opportunity for sustainable community living just off Highway 101 about 3 hours North of here.

Learn more about the community via its website (, and then RSVP here to answer a survey to get an invitation to this exclusive event for prospective buyers, investors, and anyone who thinks they want to spend a substantial amount of time living in an emerging Ecovillage.

Join Owner/founder/green architect Dan Antonioli (above) for a presentation and conversation on Laytonville Ecovillage - he's seeking buyers/partners/members. Ericka Jennings with Green Key Real Estate will be on-hand to answer you questions about prospective ownership options.

NEW: Architect, natural builder, and site analysis wizard Bob Theis ( will be joining us to look at potential "Pattern Language" approaches to good community design.

Laytonville is a small rural town on Highway 101 in Northern Mendocino County and is about a three hour drive from San Francisco. The Laytonville Ecovillage is a mile out of town, ten acres legally subdivided into four parcels.

Dan's vision, developed in workshops on the land:

Our vision is to develop the land and homes with community and sustainability as core values. Models of ecological design, permaculture, and green building will be applied as much as possible. Parcels will be sold to people who agree to a basic common vision, to a community lifestyle, and to working together to create shared guidelines for the development of the EcoVillage.

Where you take it is up to you! Dan has intentionally left the details open for new community members to take the lead in defining, financing, and co-creating.

About Dan Antonioli

Dan Antonioli is a licensed general contractor specializing in green building and ecological design. He is distinguished by his commitment to sustainability and offers a “deep shade of green” to his work. From green materials, good green designs, conservation and energy efficiency, to renewable energy systems, Dan is committed to seeing projects be environmentally friendly and sustainable.

About Ericka Jennings Ericka Jennings,MBA, is CEO of Green Key Real Estate and a real estate agent practicing in the larger Bay Area. As an EcoBroker® and Certified Green Building Professional, Ericka brings her extensive knowledge of green building practices to every transaction.

Ericka believes that through personal effort and conscious decisions, we can truly impact our environment in positive ways.

About Bob Theis

Bob has an extensive background in architecture and green/natural building, but his specialization is in community designs, with an emphasis on "A Pattern Language."

Bob can play several roles in helping people understand what the key components are of a good community design.

He likens it to a cookbook that offers an approach to cooking rather than recipes for dishes.

He could later be enlisted for designing buildings, but his real interest is in how community designs work and working with human nature.

• What kinds of spaces make us comfortable?

• Where do people tend to have the most conversations?

• Are driveways evil or social corridors?

• What if you designed spaces to facilitate social interactions, etc.

Dan writes: Bob is dynamic and funny and I'm excited to have him participating in LEV's next phase!

611 32nd Street · Oakland, CA
10 spots left