Ecotecture for the Anthropocene-European Perspectives from Ecovillagers(E'ville)


We lose a species every ten minutes in the middle of the sixth mass extinction on Earth, the human species must evolve or become itself extinct. Ecotecture is an evolutionary response, not a technical fix to evolve and survive in the anthropocene.

We wish to share our practical experience in Europe over nearly forty years in eco-architectural practice, and learn from and discuss the California/US experience. This 2 hour seminar will include interleaved presentations by Sally Starbuck (England) and Paul Leech (Ireland) of Gaia Ecotecture. Then open discussion, aimed at strategies & tactics of transition, and methodology .

6:00- Doors Open
6:30- Presentation
8:30- Discussion

Paul leech and Sally Starbuck from the award winning private design practice Gaia Ecotecture ( at CloughJordan EcoVillage, Ireland (, have worked internationally for the UN, the EU commission, and the Irish Government, reinforcing their sense of the global implications of local work. They are founder members of GAIA international (1990), a working network of ecologically minded professionals , meeting again Fall 2016, Norway, at Hurdal , combining research, polemic and practice in sustainable built environment.

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