Cohouseholding Potluck: Help create a new Model for Shared Households (Berkeley)

The Long Haul

3124 Shattuck Avenue · Berkeley, Ca

How to find us

Come on back, we'll be meeting in the main classroom. If you arrive in the first hour, join us for a potluck lunch social shared with participants from the morning's orientation. Starting after 1 we'll get more formal in our processing and go-rounds.

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Sharing a House/Apartment? Love it or Hate it, it's a reality for many EBCOHO members, and thousands more in the greater East Bay. Come learn and share about Cohouseholding - an emerging model to help more people thrive in shared households.

Unlike the Cohousing model (multiple private homes sharing common facilities), Cohouseholding focuses on unrelated adults who share a single dwelling - creating shared households.

The Cohouseholding Project collaborators want your input to help develop this model. We're joined by project instigator, Oz Ragland, a long-time member of Songaia Cohousing (near Seattle) and the former Executive Director of the national Cohousing Association (Coho/US). In 2010, Oz and his wife sold their Cohousing home to join four other Songaia members to co-purchase a large house next to Songaia to use as a shared household.

This project is integrating hard-won knowledge from co-op houses, collectives, cohousing, and other intentional communities. Its is also drawing insights from organized home share programs and many related experts, including attorneys, architects, planners, economists, process facilitators, and community activists.

Project goals are to define, support, and promote an optimized model that helps people create and sustain more successful shared households that better serve the needs of a broader range of people... young and old, rich and poor, etc.

Come share with us if you have:

Learned to be great housemate - or have a horror story Set up and/or run cooperative households or collectives Overcome landlord-tenant structural conflicts Worked out sharing agreements and set boundaries Integrated multiple families into one home Raised kids or supported elders in a shared household an interest in sharing your life with others

EBCOHO members like you have much to share from your own experience - let's get together, compare notes and learn from each other together, while helping this project to help others.


12:15-1:15 Potluck lunch, shared with participants in this morning's EBCOHO orientation

1:30-3:30 Formal sharing in a facilitated workshop that puts ideas on the table and leads to discussion in groups, identifying common challenges and best practices.