Pedelec 1 Hour Cycle Track e-Bike Race

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This is the Golden Gate Park Pedelec 1 Hour Cycle Track e-Bike Race! As far as we know, this will be a first of its kind- an electric bike track race set in the format of a 1 hour open class race in San Francisco, California.

From a stand still, he or she who travels around the 1 kilometer track the furthest in one hour wins.

What does he or she win? Why a romantic hot dog dinner or lunch for 2 at Underdog on Irving St, or course!

Limited to 15 Riders. Waitlist allowed.

Set on the historic Cycle Track on the Polo Fields of Golden Gate Park. This is a 1 kilometer long paved track set around the fields. ( Hopefully there's no other events going on at this time. )

From the GGP web site about the track:

"San Francisco has a rich history of bike racing, and Golden Gate Park played an important role in supporting the endeavors of both leisure riders and competitive events. During the early 20th century, bicycle racing was the ‘it’ thing to do – before motorcycles and auto racing started to gain followers. In the western section of the park, the Golden Gate Park Stadium had a velodrome constructed in 1906, which later became known as Polo Field.

Before and after the Second World War, the best cyclists in the region would come to Golden Gate Park – it was known as the hot spot in all of the West Coast. From the 1900s to the 1950s, racing bikes had only one gear, lacked a freewheel, and possessed no brakes. This meant that the accelerating and decelerating of the bikes came from the strength of the cyclist. "

Let's race in the tire tracks of our ancestors and breath some new life into this track using the latest technology in electric cycling.

Rules: You can race any e-bike motor displacement/power you want as long as it's pedal assist only. No throttles allowed. Wear a helmet and we recommend sun screen.

Note: Ebikelane/Motostrano is making a donation to the Friends of the Polo Field ( to support their efforts to maintain this great resource. We encourage you to do the same! Follow the link ( to get to their web site ( and make your donation and learn more about the track too.