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7 Conversations of SOUL in person

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7 Conversations of SOUL in person The topics for each week will be

GOD first week, Prayer and Energy - Frequency and Flow on the second week, Communion the third week, Heart, Emotions, Ego, Free Will on the fourth week Love, Communication and Behavior on the fifth week Power and Conflict on the sixth week Transformation and Transcension

This webinar series the cost is $25 for the complete series, for each individual session it is $7 each

so if you want to register for all 7 and pay only $25 total please call 602-492-8932 to register

God “A rose by any other name still smells as sweet.” We will discuss oneness and what that is and what that feels like. Your soul is the same substance as Spirit. We will include purpose of your physical body, physical life and what the rules are or are not. You can never be separate from Source because Source manifests Itself as you and as everyone else. Perfection exists and you cannot make mistakes. God as Love is the power/energy that joins everything in the universe together as a breathing intelligent fabric connects each to all. The Whole is your Source and the Source of other parts. It is greater than all parts collected together because the Whole is also the space between the parts. When you increase your awareness, you broaden your possibilities. Thriving in peace and harmony requires awareness that you are one with the One.

These workshops are conducted by Marilyn Lee, author/speaker/teacher.

Speaking Through Your Heart. com website ( for more info.


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